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Stop Forcing Bikers to Wear Helmets

Stop forcing people to wear bike helmets. Not motorcyclists. Bikers. Bike riders.

There's very little evidence to support the idea that bicycling is terribly dangerous. In fact, wearing a helmet may make you more likely to get in in an accident.

Intelligent Details

A video about Bentleys (the cars) shot entirely on an iPhone 5S:

Coda 2.5 Not Sandboxed

Panic Blog » Coda 2.5 and the Mac App Store and Michael Tsai cover it pretty well.

Coda 2.5 will not be in the App Store, despite winning an Apple Design Award for "Best Mac App Store App" in 2012.

The Untold Story of Larry Page

Larry Page: The Untold Story.

It's tough to imagine "Don't be Evil" as a motto when one of the founders seems somewhat evil.

The Illusion of Life

The illusion of life from cento lodigiani on Vimeo.

The 12 basic principles of animation were developed by the 'old men' of Walt Disney Studios, amongst them Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, during the 1930s. Of course they weren't old men at the time, but young men who were at the forefront of exciting discoveries that were contributing to the development of a new art form. These principles came as a result of reflection about their practice and through Disney's desire to use animation to express character and personality. This movie is my personal take on those principles, applied to simple shapes. Like a cube.

Check also the animated gif gallery here

Apple’s Legal Process Guidelines for U.S. Law Enforcement

Legal Process Guidelines for U.S. Law Enforcement is an interesting read. And not too long.

FaceTime and iMessages are end-to-end encrypted. Third-party apps are safe. Your email, call history, SMS messages, camera rolls (photos/videos), and a few other things are not.

Big News Affecting

I'm publishing this post well after the fact (Memorial Day), but Huddler was acquired by Wikia.

Wikia Acquires Huddler - Expands Technology, Team, and Lifestyle Audience in Communities... &
Huddler | Winning with Wikia

Product/Market Fit

My friend Josh has a great post on the fit that's necessary between product and marketing.

App.Net is Dead State of the Union

No more salaried employees. It lasted, what, a year or two?

It’s Different for Girls

It's Different for Girls

Wine was brought and toasts were made to our great future together. About halfway through the dinner he told me he had also brought me a present, but it was under the table, and would I please give him my hand so he could give it to me. I gave him my hand, and he placed it in his unzipped pants.

Yes, this really happened.

This is Heidi Roizen, former Vice President of World Wide Developer Relations for Apple.

Good gosh. 🙁

Eating the Evidence

The Great Smartphone War: Apple vs. Samsung | Vanity Fair

One day in March 2011, cars carrying investigators from Korea’s anti-trust regulator pulled up outside a Samsung facility in Suwon, about 25 miles south of Seoul. They were there ready to raid the building, looking for evidence of possible collusion between the company and wireless operators to fix the prices of mobile phones.

Before the investigators could get inside, security guards approached and refused to let them through the door. A standoff ensued, and the investigators called the police, who finally got them inside after a 30-minute delay. Curious about what had been happening in the plant as they cooled their heels outside, the officials seized video from internal security cameras. What they saw was almost beyond belief.

Upon getting word that investigators were outside, employees at the plant began destroying documents and switching computers, replacing the ones that were being used — and might have damaging material on them — with others.

A year later, Korean newspapers reported that the government had fined Samsung for obstructing the investigation at the facility. At the time, a legal team representing Apple was in Seoul to take depositions in the Samsung case, and they read about the standoff. From what they heard, one of the Samsung employees there had even swallowed documents before the investigators were allowed in. That certainly didn’t bode well for Apple’s case; how, the Apple lawyers said half-jokingly among themselves, could they possibly compete in a legal forum with employees who were so loyal to the company that they were willing to eat incriminating evidence?

Bluetooth Home Lock

I've often wondered how and when we're going to have home security systems that are a bit more complex than a metal key ((Then again, it's a testament to the general "goodness" of people that we really only protect ourselves and our "stuff" with simple metal keys.)). After all, they're not exactly difficult to defeat - they can be picked, keys can be lost or easily stolen and copied, etc.

But what's the alternative? How about… this: Kwikset Kevo Single Cylinder Satin Nickel Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt for iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and Included FOB-925 KEVO DB 15 at The Home Depot?

So… rather than using a metal key (which comes with the system), you need to have a big key fob or your charged phone in the vicinity. And hope that the batteries haven't died in either. And hope that nobody has Bluejacked you. And that you can pair your phone, and remember to do so when you get a new phone.

Something tells me most people will just… continue to use the metal key.

Dash Cam?

Wirecutter recommends the G1W Dashcam. Do you have a Dash Cam? How long until cars are coming with them as standard features?

Gravity Waves Get Closer to Proving Big Bang

Physicists Detect Gravity Waves, Lifting the Veil on the Beginning of the Universe.

Gravity Waves

I could have sworn I posted about this before. I guess perhaps not? Fascinating stuff.

Got a Smart Car (Electric!)

A few days ago, Dave and I each leased a 2014 Smart Car Electric Drive from Smart Center Buffalo (the Mercedes-Benz dealership).

We're going to "wrap" the car in advertising, and drive it around whenever we can. It's surprisingly roomy. A golf bag even fits in the back (you have to take the clubs with headcovers off and angle them, but all the irons fit!). The front seating feels quite spacious fore and aft (the car is only 5'1" wide so there's not a lot of room between the seats). The car goes about 70 miles on a charge (which costs about $1.25) and goes 75+ MPH. I've driven it on I-90 back from Buffalo, NY, and it performed admirably.

Smart Car

It's quite fun to drive, too, and inexpensive. Even with conservative numbers and just factoring in gas savings and not depreciation, I will only be spending about $40/month to advertise with this thing… and it should be effective advertising, as everyone looks at the car when we're driving it somewhere.

P.S. Advertising for Golf Evolution.