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Gravity Waves Get Closer to Proving Big Bang

Physicists Detect Gravity Waves, Lifting the Veil on the Beginning of the Universe.

Gravity Waves

I could have sworn I posted about this before. I guess perhaps not? Fascinating stuff.

Got a Smart Car (Electric!)

A few days ago, Dave and I each leased a 2014 Smart Car Electric Drive from Smart Center Buffalo (the Mercedes-Benz dealership).

We're going to "wrap" the car in advertising, and drive it around whenever we can. It's surprisingly roomy. A golf bag even fits in the back (you have to take the clubs with headcovers off and angle them, but all the irons fit!). The front seating feels quite spacious fore and aft (the car is only 5'1" wide so there's not a lot of room between the seats). The car goes about 70 miles on a charge (which costs about $1.25) and goes 75+ MPH. I've driven it on I-90 back from Buffalo, NY, and it performed admirably.

Smart Car

It's quite fun to drive, too, and inexpensive. Even with conservative numbers and just factoring in gas savings and not depreciation, I will only be spending about $40/month to advertise with this thing… and it should be effective advertising, as everyone looks at the car when we're driving it somewhere.

P.S. Advertising for Golf Evolution.

Google AdSense and Analytics Fraud?

From Brent: inessential: Google AdSense and Analytics

99.9% sure that article is a complete farce, though.

May 2014 SpamSieve Stats

Filtered Mail
387,913 Good Messages
504,515 Spam Messages (57%)
142 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
1,581 False Positives
4,140 False Negatives (72%)
99.4% Correct

14,470 Good Messages
17,688 Spam Messages (55%)
1,558,296 Total Words

34 Blocklist Rules
11 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
8/24/04, 8:00 PM

Almost a decade now!

Last done: March 2013.

Angela Ahrendts Starts at Apple, Parallax Scrolling

Apple - Press Info - Apple Leadership - Angela Ahrendts. She can't do worse than the last guy…

Also, this is cool: Parallax Scrolling.

$15 Minimum Wage

Wow. That's about $30k/year if you work full-time.

Some Random Bits and Bobs

Booing Robinson Cano


Booing practice: Robinson Cano stuns Yankees fans who heckle on 'Tonight Show'

ReadKit? NetNewsWire?

PulpFiction was great. Cyndicate was even better.

But now neither are really no more, and it's only a matter of time before Cyndicate stops working.

That will be a sad day for at least two or three people. Namely myself, Brad, and one other person I know who loves Cyndicate.

I love how feeds are sorted by their content, not the blog from which they came. I could probably manage a similar thing in other blog readers if I use smart folders or something, but that seems like a bit of a weird approach and that the individual blog feeds are always being thrust in your face as "how you're supposed to use this app."

I've heard good things about ReadKit. And of course NetNewsWire is still out there.

NetNewsWire (I just tried a recent one) still screws this up. It sorts feeds into folders, but doesn't show you the contents of the folders when you select them. Seriously… So does ReadKit work this way? Because this way sucks, TBH. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't seem to be…

Nomos Watchmaking

Bad Car UI

This is a particularly bad example: Car UI.

It's not news that Apple's CarPlay is re-igniting the discussion about just how bad the UX is in most modern vehicles.

A friend of mine works on the UX for Tesla, though, and if I had to choose a car with the best UX, it may be one of those bad boys.

Apple’s Wearable a Smart Band?

Apple and Nike are gearing up for a big announcement this fall? I dunno. Tempted to say "I'll pass."

Helvetica Neue in 10.10?

a) 10.10? I forgot that with Mavericks being 10.9 we were about to find out whether we were getting "Mac OS XI" or what…

b) Apparently we have to get ready for Helvetica Neue according to Craig Hockenberry. That's fine. I think Analyzr can handle it.

Apple on the Environment

The AeroPress and Aerobie Flyer

The Invention of the AeroPress and a bunch of other little details about inventing, trial and error, business, etc.

P.S. Apparently the preferred method of brewing is upside down:

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