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iMovie 10.0 Sucks

There are far, far too many reasons to list here, but suffice to say I'm very glad Apple doesn't delete iMovie 9.0.9.

Whoever built iMovie 10.0 and thought it was good deserves to be kicked in the SD card slot.

Accessibility and GUI Scripting in Mavericks

These two articles came in handy today:

After upgrading, I was having an issue wherein FastScripts was not functioning with my Mail scripts. I have some scripts to change the account from which I'm sending an email, and they rely on GUI scripting to select items in the popup menu. The scripts in the first article were all I needed to get things back on track.

P.S. How dumb is it that you can't delete individual items from the Privacy/Accessibility list in the preferences? Unchecking items is NOT good enough.

P.P.S. This is the pane in which you'll want to add TypeIt4Me as well. I continue to love how simply and quickly TI4M works, and greatly prefer it over TextExpander.

Safari 7.0 in Mavericks Cannot Load iBooks Store,,

So I've got this unusual problem. Safari on my Mac Pro will not load (or, or any other URL).

Twitter, Safari, and Mavericks

  • It's not the computer (and a messed up Hosts file or something), because other browsers work.
  • It's not the installation of Safari or the OS, because a guest user account can access
  • It's not the contents of ~/Library/Safari/ because I deleted it and Safari still couldn't visit the site.
  • I also fully "Reset" Safari, repaired permissions, and restarted the computer.
  • My keychains are fine. Keychain First Aid" is fine.

What can I try next?

2013-10-24 Update: I also cannot load PayPal or, seemingly, any secure site. I've moved the contents of my ~/.ssh folder. I've deleted* from my ~/Library/Preferences/. I've turned on and off the Firewall. Other browsers and other users on the same machine continue to work fine. I can access my online banking, which uses https of course.

  • Changing the MTU didn't work (I don't have Rapport).
  • Parental controls are not enabled. I've chown -R iacas my ~/Library folder.
  • Safari in Recovery mode (cmd-R at boot up) works fine.
  • Trashing my entire ~/Library does NOT fix the problem (I did so on a duplicate startup drive). I even logged out and back in when trying this.

Technique is Half the Battle

An important half, mind you!

The Day Hell Froze Over

We argued with Steve a bunch [about putting iTunes on Windows], and he said no. Finally, Phil Schiller and I said 'we're going to do it.' And Steve said, 'Fuck you guys, do whatever you want. You're responsible.' And he stormed out of the room." - Jon Rubinstein

Steve wasn't always right.

Square Cash

So apparently you can now (or soon) send an email to send cash? I like Square, and use it for golf students (among other things), but how is this going to be secure? Can't someone simply spoof an email from you to send themselves money?

Spray Paint on Brick Walls Once Again!


Michael Tsai’s iPhone 5s Notes

I'll agree with him on his Touch ID opinion - mine has a success rate of about 66% or so, with the 33% including a high number of two or more failed attempts.

Patent Trolls Go After Your CVV # Now

AmEx patented those little numbers on your credit card, and then for the good of the industry and consumer protection donated the patent to a non-profit, who promised not to enforce the patent against banks… and then proceeded to sell the patent to Intellectual Ventures who is now suing banks over it.


Bad Lip Reading for Game of Thrones

Kindle Paperwhite 2.0 Review

Having not owned the original Paperwhite, I believe that original Paperwhite owners need only upgrade if they hate the spotty lighting at the bottom of their Kindles. Otherwise, you can probably wait another revision or three.

I'll do just that. Thanks.

Restore the Missing .com Button in iOS 7

In case you didn't know:

When you’re in a web browser, and want to type .com, just tap and hold the . button to the right of the space bar, and you’ll see a popup menu which lets you choose from a number of top-level domains: as you can see below, I can choose from .us, .org, .edu, .net and .com.

iPhone Bigger than McDonald’s and Coca Cola. Combined.

It's true.

Eric Chemi, head of research for Bloomberg Businessweek, pulls an amazing stat. iPhone sales in the last year exceed all revenue to Microsoft, Amazon, Comcast, or Google. The iPhone alone outsells Coca-Cola and McDonald's, perhaps the world's two most famous brands, combined.

iMessages Timestamps

Just pull to the left to reveal the timestamps.

Khoi has more.

Screens 3.0?

Does anyone have any experience with Screens? I'd love to try it out, but at $19.99, it exposes one of the flaws with the App Store - there's no real way to demo the application.