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New 5SK Directors Coming Soon

The list on this page is sure to grow by two, three, or four names very shortly!

Is Apple’s Maps Improving

The comments here are about 50/50. I've not had too many problems with Apple's maps, but just today in San Antonio it failed to properly identify the location of a Texas Land & Cattle. It was off by several miles. Outdated info? No - the place has been here for years.

Touch ID and the Stupid Security Scare

This about sums it up.

History of the Trapper Keeper

"You don't really remember a notebook or the pens and pencils you used. But maybe you remember your [Trapper Keeper]." Harris says that the binder "wasn't a regular school product. When you got it, it was almost like a Christmas present. You were excited to have it."

I had a few and I didn't even know that the folders were called "Trappers." It makes a lot more sense now why the vinyl thing was called the "Trapper Keeper."


Top 5 iOS Ringtones, Reviewed

You are coasting down the main drag of your small town on a scooter. But in this world, scooters are not universally mocked. Scooters are the smooth, gliding chariots of the respected. It is a balmy, spring afternoon. Your favorite townspeople eagerly wave to you from the storefronts of their successful small businesses. You are magnificently happy to see them. You are content with the world. You have never heard of war, never have you seen the film Crash, not once have your gorgeous and soft ears fallen prey to the gnashing and soulless sounds of Sleigh Bells. The band. You pause your ebullient gliding at a water fountain. The pressure and temperature is ideal. From a nearby bench, Ernest Borgnine motions for you to join him. Yes, he is still alive. Also, he has baked a pie.


Ayn Rand was Nuts

I find it to be an offensive irony, a toxic irony, that Lyndon Baines Johnson—the founder of the so-called Great Society, which I consider to be the greatest insult to the individual man since Immanuel Kant first laid out his preposterous theory of the noumenal, that is to say, not objective reality—that I should share with this man, this evil man, the same love of the soft drink Fresca. They say it is a grapefruit soda, but I think it has a different flavor. What do you think?


iOS Pro – Multiple Keyboards

The Minuum keyboard is a good example why some people - often including me - wish there was an "iOS Pro" or mode that let you play with different kinds of keyboards.

I totally get why Apple will not go this route, though.

Show Duplicates in Mail

defaults write AlwaysShowDuplicates -bool true


Want to remove your account from many online services? Just Delete Me is a directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

The Plus Side of Pissing People Off

The Plus Side of Pissing People Off is a good article. What's not said? Just make sure you're right. There's no prize or good in pissing people off and being wrong. In a lot of ways, the truth is an absolute defense.

Breaking Bad Series Finale


(I intended to write a lot more, but… uh, nothing I could write would do it justice. I'm just glad that I stuck with the show during some of the duller parts.)

iOS 7 Stuff

Two iPhone/iOS Bits

iOS 7: It's better than it looks | Lex Friedman | Lex, Briefly and Daring Fireball: The iPhone 5S and 5C. Read both.

20 Jeff Bezos Quotes

The 20 Smartest Things Jeff Bezos Has Ever Said.

Different DNS for Different Domains

Lex tells you how to use different DNS servers for specific domains.