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Understanding Heartbleed

This is about the simplest - and one of the best - explanations available: xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation.

Funny Software Bugs

Michael Tsai with a short list of Funniest Software Bugs. The first is quite good…

I'll admit it. My previous 1Password Master Password was one of convenience. It was between 3 and 10 letters long, and contained few special characters. But… my new password follows some of the guidelines set forth in Toward Better Master Passwords. Thanks. I suppose I can tolerate being annoyed a little bit more for exponentially […] There's the traceroute. Ho hum.

Windows 8 a Disaster

According to Paul Thurrott, anyway: This is not open to debate, is not part of some cute imaginary world where everyone's opinion is equally valid or whatever. Windows 8 is a disaster. Period. While some Windows backers took a wait-and-see approach and openly criticized me for being honest about this, I had found out from […]

Amazon Prime: + $20 to $40?

No thanks. I use it for the free shipping, but don't use any of the other features. I've watched Alpha House via the streaming service, but that's about it. Free shipping is pretty slow, though. And they may play tricks with it… What else is there, really? Seriously.

How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username — Medium Why someone would pay $50k for "@N" is beyond me, though.


I never liked Quark, but I respected the position it held in the industry. But now, it is no more: As the big dog of desktop publishing in the '80s and '90s, QuarkXPress was synonymous with professional publishing. In fact, it was publishing. But its hurried and steady decline is one of the greatest business […]

Microsoft and Getting Work Done

Microsoft's dystopian pitch for remote work by David of 37signals Microsoft is launching a new marketing campaign for Office 365 that celebrates working during your kid's recitals, on vacation, and while enjoying the appetizer at a restaurant. All this under the guise of "balance" between work and life. Yes, it's horrible. Didn't Microsoft run a […]

Twitter’s Custom Timelines

Twitter is branching out with custom timelines. It'll be interesting to see how this is used and/or how it's abused.

Want to remove your account from many online services? Just Delete Me is a directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

Lex tells you how to use different DNS servers for specific domains.

Yahoo’s New Logo

Probably the best article on the hideous new Yahoo logo.

How Long Should Passwords Be?

I use 1Password (though I'll check out iCloud Keychain when Mavericks and iOS 7 ship), and they recommend… longer than they currently are, most likely.

Why Steve Ballmer's Early Retirement Is My Own Greatest Failure. Yes, that's the actual title. My last in person meeting with Steve Ballmer was in 2002. I remember it more distinctly because I had just thrown my back out and was in extreme pain. However, I was also the Senior Fellow for Forrester, which had […]

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