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I've left off the first part of this article, but I've quoted what I found to be the funniest from an article called "Kerry Calls Bush Poll Lead 'Wrong Bounce at Wrong Time'." Mr. Kerry, a Vietnam veteran and distinguished anti-war protestor who is also a U.S. Senator, said the "polls don't mean anything to […]

I'm still looking for a few writers for a golf blog. Interested people should meet the following criteria: Love golf Contribute 4-5 pieces/week. Quickie news stories take five minutes, after all. That's it. Of course, there are bonuses for other things like "writes well" and "has a sense of humor" or "knows a little bit […]

Oakland 21, Pittsburgh 24

Well, the first game of the NFL season and I forgot that it was Sunday. Consequently, my NFL Sunday Pass from DirecTV didn't do me a lick of good. Here's ESPN's box score. Bettis had a total of one yard rushing for… three touchdowns. Staley contributed a solid 91 yards with 3.8 ypa, and Maddox […]

Mozkito RX Scooter for Sale

Anyone want to buy pretty nifty scooter? Here's the eBay listing (it will appear at 6:00pm EDT). You can see a gallery of images here. The scooter sells new for $2200. $1250 is fair, but I'd go as low as $750. Is anyone in the southern Florida area interested? It's got < 700km on it, […]

My Comment was Deleted

The only comments I delete are those that are: Comment spam. We all know what this is. Offensive, degrading, lies, etc. Horribly malformed comments that mess up the display of my site.* That doesn't seem to be the case with Gabe, who seems to simply delete comments that disagree with him. I forget my original […]

Garden State

I saw the movie Garden State with Arion today. He didn't care for it as much as I did. The movie is very real, and I saw bits and pieces of nearly all of my close friends and the relationships I've had with them through the years. It was human, it was funny, it was […]

Will Tiger Woods lose his #1 ranking in the world? The margin is slim: 11.93 to Singh's 11.83 and Els' 11.38. It's quite possible that after the WGC NEC Invitational, Tiger could be second or even third. Vijay Singh will be ranked higher than Tiger if he finishes ahead of Woods in the NEC or […]

Help a PC Guy

I got this email from someone recently. If you can lend a hand, by all means, leave a comment and help the guy. He's most likely using a PC, so, keep that in mind: Tell me what you think of this idea. I was recently looking for one central place to manage my whole life. […]

Breaking a Lease

My lease (an apartment here in south Florida) is up at the end of May, 2005. However, it looks as though I'm moving back to Pennsylvania as early as October or November of this year. What advice does anyone have for getting out of the lease as quickly and painlessly ($$$) as possible? Finding someone […]

I must have really misunderstood the relationship between the United States of America and Puerto Rico. How in the heck can they have their own Olympic team? Aren't they a territory of the United States? Shouldn't they be competing for the US team? Their independence day is July 4, 1776 (gee, that's the same as […]

What If?

What if this happened? Fortunately, Jeff has the answer.

Kerry on Iraq

Today I watched the Kerry on Iraq "documentary." My dad says "believe none of what you read and half of what you see," and since this is a documentary and not "real life," I'm placing it a little further towards "what I read" and not "what I see." I think that changing your mind is […]

20 Political Points Meme

I missed this yesterday, but I thought I'd take a stab at it now as people have been asking me how I really feel about certain things. 1. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life. True. I haven't ever really voted for any local elections, having only voted for representatives, senators, and […]

Napoleon Bomb

Bill may have liked Napoleon Dynamite, but I thought the movie was a bomb. I laughed at exactly one scene - the election speech dance scene - and only because it the dance was so well and unexpectedly performed that it caught me off guard. I didn't feel like laughing at the shoving of tater […]


This is exactly the kind of thing I think that I hate most about President Bush: They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we. I don't like that we have a President who can't say "nuclear" properly, or one who can't get the "fool me […]

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