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I'm going to be collaborating with someone on a book-writing project soon. Final copies of the book are to be submitted in Microsoft Word (an app that I despise for the most part). The book will have code, images, captions, prose, and chapters, footers, etc. A normal computer-related book. The content of the book is […]

Warning Wave

Yahoo! News - Tsunami Kills Few Animals in Sri Lanka: "This is very interesting. I am finding bodies of humans, but I have yet to see a dead animal," said Wijeyeratne, whose hotel in the park was destroyed. "Maybe what we think is true, that animals have a sixth sense." With all of the sophisticated […]

Shortest Day

Why is the shortest day of the year at the beginning of winter (and the longest day at the beginning of summer)? It's true, too: winter in PA is from late December through late March. Spring is April through June. July and August are summer. September through November is fall.


Kelly ain't no Bill, that's for damn sure.


I just spent ten minutes watching the guy plow the driveway in front of my townhouse. He had a pickup truck, and not one of those über-pickups, with a plow. Three cars were parked on the left, none on the right (my car remains at the Firestone place for the day). It's a wonder he […]

Peyton Manning, Ass

I really only have one question about Peyton Manning: did Dan Marino throw 48 touchdowns by blatantly running up the score every week? They've won by 27, 32, 31, and 35 points in their last four wins. Against Houston, Chicago, Detroit, and Tennessee (teams that weren't going to overcome a 10-point win). In other words, […]

No Thanks,

Barnes & Noble offer 10% to their members in stores, and 5% online. WTF? I'd certainly buy more books if, as soon as someone mentioned "you should get this book," I could go buy it. I can, but I don't because I say "wait, I can save more if I get it in the store." […]

Savin’ Some Money!

My high today? Finding out that I could ditch the Sports package on my DirecTV account because, at some point in the past six months, The Golf Channel moved into their regular channel lineup. That's $144/year I now have to spend elsewhere. Plus, I moved my golf blog and its accompanying (and new) golf forum […]

Tha’ts Not Right!

Today, Carey and I saw a sign in the mall that had "Slipper Pillows" in big bold type. One of those little shops set up in the "hallways" of malls, a small vendor. They were selling slippers that were very well padded. Beneath "Slipper Pillows," the sign said this: I'ts like pillows for your feet […]

Free Music

This is the first free iTunes song I think I actually like: Erik is listening to "Breathe (2AM)" by Anna Nalick from the album "Breathe (2AM) - Single" (2004). Erik has rated this song 4.0 stars and has never played this song to completion before. Here's a link (affiliate-free) to it. It's free this week, […]

How Not to Persuade People

I'd like to support these Steelers fans, but after five minutes glancing around, reading their PDF, and so on: I'm not sure what they stand for. They can't watch the Steelers on TV because the NFL is… doing something else? I don't know.

Kerry Cranky and Indecisive

Heh, this made me laugh: For instance: "Kerry was both 'cranky' and more indecisive than he was portrayed by the media." Well, Newsweek's Evan Thomas did say that positive press coverage spotted Kerry 15 extra points; and now we know why: the journalists totally held back on the extent of Kerry's crankiness and indecision. Fucking […]

Personalized Titleists

Towards the end of every year Titleist typically runs a promo: free personalized golf balls. They offer this only on their higher-tier balls, the $40-and-up/dozen set, which consists of two models: The Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. (See postscript.) MSRP is $56/dozen, but Dick's had them for $39.95 recently and I picked up three […]

Eagles 3, Steelers 27

The Steelers beat another undefeated team this week, their interstate "rivals" the Philadelphia Eagles. I say "rivals" because the two teams rarely meet. Ben Roethlisberger had another great day. The Steeler defense had another great day, holding the Eagles to only 23 yards rushing and 111 yards of total offense. The Eagles average around 370 […]

Kiss My Aztek

The Aztek is no longer being produced. No big deal: I love mine, it runs great, and I'll have it for years. I've taken the rear seats out so many times, thrown golf, shooting, fishing, and travelling equipment and goodies in it so many times, and travelled about nearly 50,000 miles since purchasing it in […]

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