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Dream: Golf Scramble

I had another dream last night, and since I'm documenting them here on this diary journal blog, well, here goes. I had the dream at about 2am (I've heard that most dreams are "realtime") and woke up at about 3am. As such, it's now 8am and I may not remember as much as I did […]

F = ma

If "a great time" is F, and m is "me," solve for a. The answer? My fabulous* new… physics partner. Heh. I spent time ostensibly helping someone with some physics last night. She's got a test coming up very shortly, and though it was intro physics, and though I'd spent no less than four solid […]

French Kissing

Je parle français. I'm sitting here eating French bread, doing work, and thinking about french kissing. Why? Cuz I'm eating French bread and I'll be damned if I'm going to go around "freedom kissing" or eating "freedom bread." As to why I capitalize French in bread but not in kissing, I don't know. Incidentally, one […]

My Very Own Coke Machine

Very very very tempting. From Ars technica. Very tempting. Let's just say I've put this on a bookmark list that I review very very frequently… Has anyone done this? I really doubt it. I should try to cut back, instead. It can't be good for me. But still, very very tempting.

I Have Six Friends

At any one time in my life, I've got about five or six friends. That's all. Mostly no more, and rarely any less. Six. 1 2 3 4 5 6. Acquaintances, or hemi-pals, or pals, or "people I know," well, I've got lots of them. More than anyone has friends, that's for sure, and more […]

Continuing Possibilities

Last night I had another wonderful time with a cute, fun, intelligent girl. I'm always excited when I meet someone new. She's sarcastic (a good thing), she's geeky (a great thing), and she's adorable in the mature-but-still-energetic-and-spontaneous sort of way. Well, and other ways too. I'm absolutely looking forward to the next time I get […]

Loving French, Uhh, Desserts

I noticed that number five in the top Ten Reasons to Love France was "the food." French food - rather, food named "french" - has been in the news lately, so I thought I'd share my take on French food.

Dream: Me on Survivor

I woke up fairly early this morning and decided to go back to sleep. I went back to sleep for about an hour, and at some point I started dreaming. I decided awhile ago to blog all of my dreams because supposedly that will help you have or remember more (not blogging, just retelling it).

Field of Myself

I won a national award for this poem, but it's a bit of a farce. I wrote it in 1995.


I had an absolutely fabulous* time with an absolutely fabulous* dame last night. I guess Friday is the next time we'll get to hang out. The girl's a keeper, friend or otherwise, because she likes steak. Mmmmmm. We went to see Chicago, hung out here at the apartment, ate some ice cream, and talked. A […]

My Ex-Girlfriend Owes Me $900

My ex-girlfriend* owes me $900. Today, while using iChat to talk to someone with a .Mac account (I typically use Adium, which can't see .Mac users), she popped online. I haven't spoken to her since shortly after I lent her $900 (about two years ago). I wonder if she'll pay me back. I IMed her […]

This article got me thinking about the time I got a knock on my door and opened it to find two federal marshals: both large men, both carrying pistols (I live in Florida - their jackets weren't too thick). The men informed me that they were federal marshals. According to them, the former lessee of […]

Pet Peeve: Eric

It's a pet peeve of mine when people write to me as "Eric." My name is "Erik." I have nothing against people named Eric and think that, like my name or "Steve" or "Dave" or "Ronald" or "George," "Eric" is a fine name - it's just not mine. If someone continuously called you "Rob" and […]

To Do

My To Do list. Blue = "I did it already." There's a story behind most of them, but in the interest of humor, I'm just putting this list up without any explanatory remarks.

About Me

I posted my disclaimer and this is the corollary of sorts: the "about me" page. Who cares? Most likely nobody but me (and a few people wasting time at work). On the off-chance that you need a small piece of useless trivia about me, well, perhaps this will help.

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