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Disc Golf Putting Clinic (10:00 Version)

There's a 40:00 version out there with Dave Feldberg, but it seems to move around a little. I think it's on Vimeo now.

Disc Golf Distance Throwing

Choppy Scrolling in Mountain Lion

defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool NO

Of course, defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool YES turns smooth scrolling back on

Netflix’s Lost Year

What's most interesting to me about Netflix's "lost year" is both that so many of the company's executives saw the disaster coming and that the disaster was just as bad as they thought:

The price hike and the later, aborted attempt to spin off the company's DVD operations enraged Netflix customers. The company lost 800,000 subscribers, its stock price dropped 77 percent in four months, and management's reputation was battered.

The poll on the CNET page says:
52% said they never left.
33% said they left and are never coming back.

Previous posts from me include this one with our combined queues when I closed my DVD account (we've kept the streaming account only) and this one talking about Qwikster.

P.S. The $15.98 price for 1 DVD + Streaming is still in effect.

Higgs-Boson FAQ

Nice little article for those who are interested. :D

Sean Foley Article

This article is interesting. Pretty quick read too.

Disc Golf?

Anyone know anything about disc golf?

It seems like a reasonably inexpensive, fun little thing to do. We played nine holes down here in Kiawah Island and had a blast. We would have had more fun if we had figured out how to "draw" the discs (curving right with a right-handed throw, which I realize is the opposite from golf, but we also stand on the opposite side of the ball or disc).

Where do you buy discs? What do you want to look for in your discs? The nearest course is a 20-minute drive, and while that's not terrible, it's not super convenient either. I wonder if I might be able to convince a local park to build a course or something.

There don't seem to be any disc golf retailers within a fairly large radius around here, or I'd travel to one to see what they had to say.

Fixing Duplicate iCloud Accounts in Notes

From this Apple discussion forum I fixed a problem that bothered me for weeks: duplicate iCloud accounts (and thus duplicate notes) in Mountain Lion's "Notes" app.

With Notes not running, on any computer that's affected, delete the folder ~/Library/Containers/

That's it.

Mail in Mountain Lion and Replying from the Proper Account

Radar Bug #12015296.

Mail in Lion properly responded from the same email address that received the email. Mail in Mountain Lion does not and instead replies from the default email address, regardless of the setting(s) chosen in the preferences.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Have multiple email accounts, for example, and
2. Receive an email to an account that's moved to a folder within Mail, say, "Work" or "Personal."
3. Reply to the email.

Expected Results:
The email reply is created and the sending address is set to the same account that received the email, as in Mail under Mac OS X 10.7/Lion.

Actual Results:
The address used is the first one in the Inboxes, or the one specified in "Send new messages from:" in the "Composing" preferences. Definitively it is NOT the email address to which the email was sent every time, as it was in Lion.

This bug is new with Mail in Mountain Lion.

I'm told this was filed previously by another user under bug #12013442.

Higgs Boson Found?

Quite possibly.

Happy Independence Day

Go us!

Get it? :P

Winamp’s Woes

Winamp's woes: how the greatest MP3 player undid itself is a good little article. I remember MacAMP too and the drama and stuff around that. I even wrote some plugins for MacAMP when it was - I kid you not - MacAST. Many of the people behind that app went on to found Unsanity, which last released an update in 2010 or so with a post on their site on October 8, 2011.

P.S. My plugins included Dancing Baby, Ear Hair (IIRC), and one that was actually fairly popular and quite versatile with a fairly sophisticated means of determining the EQ levels.

8 Awesome Features in Aperture 3.3

Here's the article.

  1. Retina Display Ready - meh.
  2. Darker UI - okay.
  3. Unified Library with iPhoto - Hmmm, I kind of liked my setup before.
  4. Advanced White Balance - sounds good.
  5. Improved Highlights and Shadows - Yay!
  6. Professional Auto Enhance - people use auto-enhance?
  7. Faster Browsing - woooo!
  8. Lots of Little Changes - Okay. Whatever. Metadata -> Info. Gotta remember that one though.

Running Streak Ends

My running streak came to an end.

I was running at least a mile a day for as long as I could so long as the reason I missed was not laziness.

Well, I didn't miss a day's run out of laziness. I probably burned twice as many calories today as most days when I ran.

But oh well, it's over. And I'm somewhat relieved, too, because now I can get back to longer runs three times a week.

I think I'll take it really easy for awhile though.

Time to Catch Up Again

Time to catch up again! :D

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