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Archive for January, 2003

Chester Barzeski, 91

My paternal grandfather passed away today at 1:30pm. My mother informed me of this just now via AIM, perhaps because the phone would have given something away in her voice. Born in Poland on November 14, 1911, he earned a Purple Heart serving for the United States Army in World War II. He is survived […]

Windows CEMeNT

Windows CeMeNT combines the strength of the three most powerful operating systems in the world into a solid (and I do mean solid) foundation for Wintellian computing in the 24th century. Oh wait, I mean the 21st. Or is it still the 20th? Anyway, this one was a little too good to pass up. At […]

“It Doesn’t Look Good”

My last post on my grandpa was just a few days ago, but things haven't gotten any better. This email is from my father. I don't know if you know mom, Karlye, Brad, and I visited my father last Sunday as he had been transferred from the hospital to a care facility with pneumonia. At […]

Nearly Two Years

I just realized that it's been nearly two years since we've gotten a new version of Internet Explorer. Two freakin' years! Actually, it's been longer if you count the version that shipped with public beta. Sure, we've had some security updates here and there, but where is IE 5.5 or 6.0? Over two years! That's […]

Happy Birthday, Macintosh!

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Macintosh Happy birthday to you… …and maaaaaany mooooooooore! Today is the Mac's 19th birthday. As I sit here staring at my 23" LCD attached to a dual 800 MHz G4 with 1.5 GB RAM about 15 peripherals, all running on a Unix-based OS for […]

Safari, BBEdit AppleScript

I'm a big fan of AppleScript. After all, I do run AppleScript Central. So when things like this article pop up on the Web, I take note. Truth is, I've been using a similar AppleScript for a few weeks now (wow, Safari has been out that long?). Here it is:

Disconcerting Trash Behavior

Move some files to an empty trash can on Mac OS X. Hit cmd-Z (undo). The "empty trash" sound plays as if it just deleted your files! Luckily, they're simply moved back. Sure, the trash is "emptied" but not in a way that should play that sound! Update: Blame Unsanity for their Xounds. It's what's […]

Climbing the Walls

The picture at right is of Dave climbing out of view. I can't exactly call this "rock climbing" but it is wall climbing. Yesterday Gabe and I, along with three new recruits, went climbing in Ft. Lauderdale. You can see more pictures here. We've only gone 3 or 4 times, but it's pretty amazing how […]

Mailing Lists? How Antiquated

I subscribe to a mailing list which is supposed to stay on one topic: Mac OS X. On this list, as on almost any mailing list, there are people whose opinions and thoughts simply don't matter to me and threads that run amok and stray off-topic. Much like this Nick Denton article, the comments on […]

History of Spam

A group of Vikings in the corner start a song: "Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam! Wonderful spam!" If you're curious as to why it's called "spam" then check out that link. Yes, it has to do with Monty Python. Yes, the term has been around for quite a long time. […]

$30 Wasted

Not more than about a week after I post about some Safari theme changer that should have been freeware (and now is) that cost $10 comes another example, this time setting you back $30! I don't even want to link to the damn thing, so I'll make the link as tiny as possible. Guess what? […]

Herbal Essences

This little article is particularly interesting because I know a few Northwestern students. Weatherpop tells me it's currently 7 degrees in Evanston, IL - seems like a little "activity" might be a good way to warm up for the poor, "anon"ymous souls up there, Lightbox or not.

Switcher Mitnick

This article at talks about "cybercriminal" Kevin Mitnick and his recent journey back onto the Internet. It also contains this gem: Mitnick hopes to replace the laptops with a 17-inch Apple PowerBook. While he continues to play with computers and technology, he stressed that misusing them is something he will never do again. Wouldn't […]

A Bit Late: Apple Store Video

I've removed a paragraph and the link to the video, because of the massive MT bug. The video was shot on a Sony DSR PD-150 as well as a cheap-o consumer camera. 15 hours of footage were condensed to the five minutes you'll see if you watch. Final Cut Pro, two pizzas, six Cokes (me), […]

Lazy DNS

By the way, I absolutely despise Web servers that don't respond to, only choosing to dish their content when you type "www." in front. And lest you think this is a problem seen only on the little guys, I dare you to click