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Archive for January, 2003

Here is an interesting Flash animation that illustrates in a comical fashion just what icons do when you're not looking. Someone made a comment on a mailing list about the "uselesness" and the "outdatedness" of the Desktop on Mac OS X. Now, I'm not one of those kinds of people that litter my desktop with […]

Where is Windows?

A woman buying a laptop the other day when I was in an Apple store kept asking "Where is Windows? Where is Windows?" The staff attempted to explain to her that they run a different OS, but if she really wanted to, she could run Windows. She finally realized that Windows was basically "missing" from […]

My iTunes

Thanks to some inspiration from What Do I Know .org, I've now got a list of my most recent 42 iTunes songs on this site. Yeah, I borrowed some of the CSS too. It's okay. It's the Web! 🙂

Online Petitions and Safari

When the hell has an online petition ever worked? Here's the latest: "please, please, please Apple add tabbed browsing to Safari." I've never seen a petition work, and frankly, I think signing one immediately makes you look like a bit of a weenie. Will Apple add tabs to Safari? Maybe. Will this petition help? I […]

On Being Like Apple

Joel ("that" Joel) has an interesting article about the differences between Apple's "we'll surprise you" product releases and Microsoft's "yeah, it's coming... in a few years" methodology. He makes a few good points about competition and disappointing customers that have made me rethink how I handle the customer relations for Freshly Squeezed Software. I'll have […]

Slow News Day

It's a slow news day. I got quite a bit of work done, installed MovableType on one of my client's servers (Mac OS X Server 10.2.3 - I think 10.2.4 shipped today), and played around with some mockups. One of my clients, primarily a PC company, liked a mockup I did (at their direction) with […]

Mac OS X 10.3

From an unnamed source comes this, ahem, "gem:" 10.3 will be released later this year. It will move wholly to a metal-like interface, used consistently. It will feature a completely new (journaled) filesystem. The dock will be revised to allow more options, including a feature to put it into the menu bar (rather like LaunchBar). […]

The Copyright Thing

Aaron Swartz lists among his tips for book authors this one: Donate to the public domain. Once you've recouped the cost of creating the book (and potentially the cost of writing your next one) please donate it to the public domain (i.e. give up your copyright). The copyright system was created only to increase the […]

Hay, errr, Hy-Wire

GM expects to have the new Hy-Wire car in production by 2020. What the hell takes so long? Seriously. Nothing's gonna work the bugs out faster than getting these things into the hands of a bunch of early adopters in the early 2010's. Hell, I wish my next car was one of these things, partly […]

Safari Skyrockets

Safari usage has skyrocketed across the Web. Have a look at John Gruber's statistics, and then compare them to mine (I've pared mine down to just the Mac clients). The past 24 hours: Navigator/Mozilla 22 Omn 82 Chimera 234 Safari 969 The numbers speak for themselves, I guess. Perhaps tabs really aren't that important. What […]

DMG Thoughts

Steven and John carry on a brief conversation about DMG (disk image) files on Mac OS X. The comments are interesting as well, so read up, boy (girl)! Personally, my software company distributes software on DMG, and we haven't had any apparent lost sales. Unfortunately, I have to say apparent because we don't know how […]


I emailed someone I haven't talked to in about four or five (six?!?!) years today. Laura is one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. She's one of the few people from high school I wish I still talked to (perhaps I will again soon), but most people… well I just don't care. If […]

Hello Lisa

The Apple stores have in their iTunes library a rotating set of music. Currently, a few tracks from Lisa Loeb's Hello Lisa album are included, and they're always the ones I demonstrate (crisp guitars and higher pitched vocals demonstrate Harmon Kardon speakers well, with enough drums and whatnot to show off the iSub and SoundStick […]

Lava Lamp Tourism

Tourists visiting the quiet town of Soap Lake, WA may soon find that the town has "erected" a giant lava lamp in the center of town to attract them (tourists, not erections). Talk about "is that your lava lamp or are you just happy to see me" at a commerce office level. I wonder how […]

Lameass Shareware

Y'know, I'm really sick of lameass shareware that should be freeware. C'mon, how long did this product really take to create? Three hours? As someone's "Gonna Teach Myself Some Cocoa" project? Please. $49 for a "site license?" Some people are just off their rocker.