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Archive for January, 2003

My paternal grandpa, who used to be a strapping guy, a Purple Heart recipient, weighs 117 lbs in a hospital bed today. At 5'8" and formerly a solid 180 lbs, my mom described him by saying "he didn't even make a bump in the sheets." My sister cried. I, being 18 hours by car away, […]

The Cost of Free Software (Again)

Steven, hours after my post on the topic, has blogged thusly: More importantly, after marathon discussions at work, I think we are close to cracking the nut on what we should do about this 9,000-pound elephant in our pool. The solution that we seem to be arriving at is surprisingly obvious, but it took many […]

7 Minutes Remaining

Seems Mike Pinkerton has cut his 15 minutes of whining short. Good for him. I'm posting this because I took him to task a bit in my blog a few days ago, and I believe that, having readjusted his attitude, he's now redeemed himself a little. Not fully, because public bitching and whining is always […]

The Cost of Free Software

Steven, of Panic fame, has taken a stick and scratched out an article titled "Free" into shifting sands of the Web, and I'd like to respond before it washes away. His post (article? I'm still not sure what to really call these things) talks about the "hidden cost" of Apple's free iApps. After all, "The […]

11-Digit Phone Numbers

A Slashdot article talks about the fact that New York City residents will soon be dialing 11 digits even to call their neighbors. Frankly, I couldn't care less, and I wish the phone systems of this country could simply settle on one darn standard. Case in point: I'm in the 561 area code. To call […]

iApps Weren’t Free?

If this article at ThinkSecret, which states that the decision to make the iApps (all but iDVD anyway) free downloads was a last-minute decision made in response to pressure from message boards and email, is accurate, this tells me two things> Apple is listening to feedback, even through non-standard channels, more closely than ever. Good, […]

Cocoa v. REALbasic

Matt's got an interesting article up at his blog about the difference between Cocoa and REALbasic. I've written articles about this in the past (one was taken down when I restructured Cocoa Dev Central, some others might be found at MacOpinion). Matt asks the simple questions: Which is easier to learn, which is better, and […]

On Email Signatures

Chuq posts an interesting "look-back-but-walk-forward" type of post here in regards to the "rule" that signatures should be no longer than four lines long: I personally stopped paying attention to the 4 line limit over a decade ago, because I felt it was no longer relevant. I still think people need to be thoughtful about […]

Your 15 Minutes – Of Whining

It would that some people continue to need a bit of a reality check. What follows was spoketh by a Chimera developer following the release of Safari: I'm torn about what to do with Chimera. It's obvious it will only ever be a marginal product on a even more marginal platform. AOL and Netscape have […]

Chevy Truck Owners

Spotted today on the back of a Chevy truck: "Surgeon General never warned about smokin' the rock."

History of ClarisWorks

I consider myself a fan of history. Not the dates and other stuff rotely memorized by high school and college peons, errr, students, but the stories, the people, the psychology of it all. I like to get beneath the history, and down to the people. Down to the nitty gritty. As this pertains to Apple, […]

Hacking MovableType

The bloke (no, I'm not Australian or British) over at AntiPixel has enabled TrackBacks and forced his articles to rebuild when a trackback is received. So I thought I'd help him out by linking and "pinging" him. He will have been "punged" after this article is posted, if all goes well. Cool, eh? (No, I'm […]

Eliza Vs. Eliza, Gabe vs. Eliza

Copied from an old blog I used to have on Blogger (one I largely ignored) comes this conversation that Aaron and I set up between two Eliza clients (that I wrote). It's quite amusing.

Sex in America

There's a conversation about "being an alpha male," started by someone named Halley (I have no idea who these people are) and being followed by many a blogger, it would seem, including Dave Winer and Robert Scoble. Robert, in a recent post, made some remark about women masturbating, and then later followed up with a […]

What’s Wrong with Radio Blogs?

I use NetNewsWire (currently Pro betas, though I use absolutely zero of the "Pro" features except for the expanded information available in the article listings) to stay in touch with, oh, 100 blogs or so. I use NNW to locate articles I'd like to read, and because I'm never 100% sure that the "description" being […]