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Archive for January, 2003

From this entry at the unusually named "Better Living Through Software" (the guy is a Microsoft employee) comes this quote: Many geeks like to point out "sysadmins who haven't updated their patches for six months" as the cause of worm outbreaks like this. If everyone had updated their patches within the last six months, this […]

Stupid Torvalds

I love finding quotes that show just how clueless otherwise smart people can be: "In my opinion, shareware tends to combine the worst of commercial software (no sources) with the worst of free software (no finishing touches). I simply do not believe in the shareware market at all." -- Linus Torvalds, 1998 At least he […]

David Hyatt's recent blog entry on RSS aggregators, NetNewsWire, and Safari touched off an interesting little debate that I'd like to take further and perhaps broaden. But first, I'd like to state my understanding of a few things. David is not saying Safari will add RSS aggregating capabilities. He's just broached the subject in public, […]

Men Who Don’t Grok Football

It's tough for me to conceive of US males who don't understand football. However, it seems that these strange mutants do, in fact, exist. If they don't understand football, can they understand hockey? Baseball? Every sport has complex rules; the complex ones are only, at most 10% of the calls. 90% of the calls are […]

Dating and More of the Same

I had the same dinner last night that I always have at Outback. In fact, I've never ordered anything but the same food at the Outback: the Melbourne, rare, baked potato with tons of butter and bacon, and cinnamon apples instead of the salad. Sometimes I get wings, bacon cheese fries, or a drink.

More Tabbed Safari Mockups

Still looking for some more tabbed Safari mockups? Check out this page, then, to get your Monday fix.

Without the Mouse

It struck me today while reading an article about Douglas Englebart and his mouse how different the world might be if ol' Dougie had patented his mouse. Surely Fruit Company would have paid him, right? After all, they first used it on a $10,000 computer. Surely they would have? Right? I don't know…

Subjective C and Silly Customers

Says Steven: I think there should be a programming language called Subjective-C. Boolean operations would return different results depending on who was using your program. I sometimes wish I could remotely disable my software on a customer's computer, offer the customer a refund, and say "thanks for being the stupidest customer alive - we don't […]

Hyatt Ponders RSSafari

David Hyatt, former Mozilla/Chimera über-nurb and current Safari nurb-extraordinaire, ponders the merging of RSS aggregators and browsers. It's awesome that David - in public view no less - is considering these things. And to you tabbed browsing fans, David gives you some hope, saying "tabs provide one with a means of efficiently handling a lot […]

Super Bowl? Yawwwn.

The Steelers aren't playing in today's game, so I don't really feel like watching. I've got a date and I'm going to go eat steak (is that a bad first date thing to do?), then probably come back and watch a movie or something. I've been talking to this gal for awhile now, so, don't […]

Terragen for Mac OS X

I've just spent a few hours playing around with the public beta of Terragen for Mac OS X. Terragen, as you can see to the right, is a 3D landscape thing. If you remember Bryce, you'll understand Terragen. Though pretty simple (i.e. no trees), Terragen offers a wide variety of options. The interface is a […]

Acme’s Hearts

Heh heh heh. Too much fun. If you want to create your own 's day hearts, head on over to the Acme Heartmaker for hours, errr, minutes of fun. Of course, if you want to buy these kinds of candies, get them from I'm quite certain my 's this year will be spent alone, […]

Select Lazy.* From Shit_Happens

Shit happens… usually to Windows. Today's little MS SQL exploit - for which a patch was issued last July - just goes to show how amazingly incompetent and/or lazy the average Windows sysadmin can be. Please, show some respect for yourself, your job, your role in life. If your server was vulnerable to this attack, […]

Buy iLife, Support Apple?

Shawn writes in this entry that he doesn't intend to buy iLife. Why? Because he only uses iTunes and iPhoto. I'm going to buy iLife... but I use iDVD (not so much iMovie, since I've got Final Cut Pro). In fact, my project this weekend was going to be to archive some West Wing episodes […]

Expensive Computers

Anyone complaining about the cost of a computer these days needs to realize we've come a long way: Released in March 1990, The Mac IIfx was the fastest Mac ever built at the time. It sold for $10,000 - $12,000, depending on configuration. The computer I want always costs about $3,000-$3,500, whether it's a laptop […]