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Archive for January, 2003

A while back ago Matt posted an entry in response to my My iTunes entry. In essence, he said "Who cares? Why not tell us something real about yourself?" I responded thusly:

A Gaming Day

Today was a gaming day. I bought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PS2 and found the game frustrating and annoying. I keep crouching when I mean to run, and I find it hard as hell to hit anyone with the guns. I bought NHL2K3 for the GameCube, and man has this game gotten […]

Evolution: A Reality

Evolution is not a theory (though science, cautious of crowning anything a "law," may still call it one). It's a reality. We've seen it, we've observed it, it's a fact for all intents and purposes. Evolution is not a religious belief, and Creation and Evolution are not mutually exclusive. There's nothing to say that some […]

I think calling them "silly" is being nice. Any woman caught with this phone (seen at right) should be shot. The phone, a Samsung T500, has a rhinestone encrusted external display (with a little digital clock with hands), a 65,000 color internal display that can double as a mirror at the press of a button, […]

The Indian Couple

There's an Indian couple that walks around my apartment complex every morning (by Indian I mean from India, not Native American Indian). At least I think they're Indian - the wife has the red dot on her forehead and they wear the appropriate clothing. The wife walks behind the guy, sometimes five feet, sometimes fifty. […]

Monday night, Joe Faux, err, Millionaire took Sarah Kozer on a date. The date seemingly went well, as upon their return to the chateaux, they snuck off into the woods. Fox couldn't get a camera to them, so they filled air time with night shots of a forest and dubbed over words for the sounds […]

Imagination At Work

I remember playing with MacPaint. Largely, I remember how difficult it was to draw with a mouse, and sites like this: refresh that memory from time to time. The site allows you to draw with markers on a little page and email the picture, replay it, and do some other things. Why it exists […]

Two Spaces

Why do people continue to put two spaces after colons, periods, question marks, etc.? Ever since I started my own magazine - and even before then in high school - I have only ever used one. I think that's all that's required. There's no rule that says you should use two anymore, right? I quickly […]

BBIA, uhh

Today a friend said "brb" which, of course, means "be right back." Twenty minutes later, he returned. This got me thinking about the various abbreviations we all use for "i'm going away and will return in approximately x minutes." Here's my list: BRB (be right back): 0-5 minutes BBIAF (be back in a few): 5-10 […]

The most you can lose to this Bookie is $8. Pursuant to a quick conversation some people had on this site, Bookie is a Rendezvous bookmark application. This is my blog, and I don't feel like being all preachy here, nor do I want to sell ice cream cones to eskimos or anything, so I'll […]

National Geographic has taken a leap into Sport's Illustrated market by releasing their first ever swimsuit issue. The photographs and articles cover the last one hundred years of swim wear and beach related topics. The heavier glossier format probably will hold up better than other magazines in the related genre of scantily clad women, alas, […]

State of the Union Drinking Game

Are you going to watch the State of the Union (hell, I didn't even know it was on until Aaron mentioned it)? If so, then play along! "War on Terror" - Eat a pretzel stick and growl. "Recession" - Yell "Spare Change?", SHOT of liquor. "Homeland" - Jump to attention and salute. "Good Jobs" - […]

12 People Use Opera?

According to Chuq (this is sarcasm: deal with it), twelve whole people use Opera for the Mac! Surely he must be including the developers themselves, as well as their significant others. And their pets. The reality: Opera is threatening to leave the Mac. Y'know what? Fine. Like Chuq says, they had two years to produce […]

New Macs, Same Conversation

Apple today released (quite silently) new Macs, huge discounts on LCDs (chopping $3499 to $1999!), and a few other things here and there. Slashdot, of course, covered the news, and the ensuing conversation can be summed up as follows: Anonymous Coward: Macs suck Anonymous Coward: You suck l33tD00dz: I want one Anonymous Coward: all your […]

Post Super Bowl Observations

My team wasn't in the Super Bowl, but at least I can make fun of the teams that were. After Tampa Bay won Super Bowl XXXVII, hundreds of Oakland Raider fans took to the streets of the city, setting fires, breaking windows, and throwing rocks and bottles. Though three firemen were treated for minor injuries, […]