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Archive for January, 2003

iLife vs. Office

I previously wrote in Apple Embraces the Open Format Movement on this very site about how the iLife apps all seem to be using a much more "open format" for their documents, allowing other apps to "grab on" and extend on the iLife applications. Today, I realized that this truth is even conveyed in the […]

On Browsing Tabs

The lack of tabs in Safari has prompted several people to declare "now that I'm used to no tabs, I find I don't miss them." Case in point: I have been using Safari as my default web browser for the last three days. One thing has become very clear to me since then - I […]

Mega Hurts

Follow this link and you'll find some tests which show how "slow" the Mac really is these days. My take? Who cares. Create a professional looking DVD on a PC using freeware (or provided) tools and your own video. How long - and how frustrating - will that take you on a PC? How long […]

It’s Not About Beating Microsoft

From Chuq comes this: Apple isn't about beating Microsoft; the day for that is long past, and the only company that can do that is Microsoft. It's about being successful at being Apple. Steve understands this; most pundits don't. Most of the punditry surrounding Apple is really out of date. If it were translated to […]

Safari Does OK

According to this chart, Safari does pretty well on the whole CSS thing. The number of red and grey boxes on Omn's side of things really hurts, and ties into an earlier thread about Omn potentially using Apple's WebCore in Omn 5.0. Ken Case offered gracious thanks to Apple for WebCore, and Dave Winer misinterpreted. […]

New School Threat: Anal Exams?

Not exactly a school you want to be att, is it? The sign seen at right, as well as funny ad clippings, photographs, and more funny signs can all be seen at This site, though not updated since September 2002, maintains a fairly healthy collection of some funnier clippings, photos, and signs that I've […]

Marriage. Or Not.

Salon is running an interesting article/interview with the authors of a book called "Unmarried to Each Other." The couple, who have been living with and committed to each other for several years, are proponents of "cohabitation" and founders of the Alternatives to Marriage Project. Personally, I found the article interesting, and though I'm fairly "retro" […]

Maybe Nextel can (Nex)Tell Me?

There's a Nextel ad with Rob Lowe (and some other famous people). Each ad shows a "split screen" effect where the individual one (top or bottom) of the screen has a Nextel phone with their Direct Connect "technology," and the other clone has a "regular" cell phone.

Catch the Book if You Can

Catch Me If You Can is both a book and a movie, as many by now know. Whenever I see a movie based on a book, except for Lord of the Rings and its ilk, I'm always curious to read the book. I've read all of the James Bond books I can get my hands […]

What the F*ck?

The title of this post makes my point. Since when does putting a * in the middle of a swear word, like you see in this article, make the swearing any less visible? Is there really a difference between "c*nt" and "cunt"? Ask women if one is more offensive than the other, please. What's the […]

Crufty UI Rebuffed (Again)

Like my Crufty UI rebuttal, offers a nice rebuttal at this location. My mom understands save and open. My mom also understands how to use iCal and iPhoto (which don't really have "Save" and "Open" in the traditional sense… but then again they're not document-based either). Anyway, I give up, and I'm still bummed […]

Fat People = Poor People

There's an interesting article at Salon that talks about how the fatter segment of the US population is also the poorer population. I sometimes wonder how stereotypes come about, and I often postulate that they come about because they are, for the most part, true (except for the blonde stereotype).


The iTrip is a potentially great product for the iPod. I think I want one. No wait, I don't, because the damn thing seems to block the Firewire port. What good is a car charger if you can't use it or if you've got to be swinging the damn iFell, err, iTrip out of the […]

Rendezvous Dating Service

Aaron mentioned to me today what he thought to be a good use of Rendezvous. it works like this... your cell phone, your beeper, your HipTop… errr…SideKick all contain a Rendezvous implementation that has a little personal "profile" on you as well as what you'd like in a potential date (assuming you're single of course, […]

Moblogging Mena

Part of the reason I got my HipTop… err… SideKick was to blog "on the go." Unfortunately, MovableType isn't really that great at handling this sort of thing. But, now that Mena's got a HipTop… err… SideKick, I expect that to change in the next release (or shortly thereafter). Yay!