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Archive for February 25th, 2003

NetPBM + MovableType = Huh?

So, sick of having to fire up Potatoshop for every little image resize, I thought I'd try out MovableType's support for NetPBM. I enabled it in mt.cfg and now I get: Resource temporarily unavailable: write() at /usr/libdata/perl/5.00503/IPC/Run/ line 582 Inside the parentheses in write() is a bunch of gibberish (I imagine the binary data for […]

More on that Vodka Ad

From the "speaking of sucking" category (see a few other posts from today)… A week or so ago I posted an entry about a vodka ad that showed a guy getting head. Well, that's not the only such ad in existence. Check this shit out! The ads shown on that page (one is to the […]

Bare Bones Sucks: Not Really

Wanted to clear one thing up: I don't think Bare Bones sucks - I got that comment from a chap on an IRC channel. It's a parody of their "BBEdit: It Still Doesn't Suck" slogan. Personally, I think they're doing some awesome work. I think BBEdit Lite was an awesome product for the price (free), […]

Bagel Humidor

I need a bagel humidor or something. Do they exist? I like to eat bagels, so I buy a baker's dozen every week (from Einstein Brothers Bagels). I bought a bread box, but that keeps the bagels "fresh" for all of a day. After three, they're quite hard. Freezing them has the same effect - […]

Bad UI: The Pulsing Taunt of Futility

Throw another log on the fire: this one pisses me off daily. Ever seen a dialog box (such as a save sheet, or in this case, creating a folder in a save dialog from Safari, Entourage, AppleWorks, etc.) that doesn't allow you to press "enter" (or "return") to "click" the default button? Or "escape" to […]

Bare Bones Now Officially Sucks

I wouldn't go so far as chandler on IRC put it, but the fact that Bare Bones Lite is now discontinued does kind of suck. The fact that TextWrangler, its $49 replacement, is what BBEdit Lite was but now costs money, sucks a little more. I use BBEdit (not Lite) every day. I've used it […]

Speech Synthesis

Don't expect quality this good on your home computer anytime soon: Natural Voices @ AT&T. The text I chose to have it speak first was: This is a test. I am going to type some text and you, the computer, will read it back to me. Have a go at it. Amaze your friends and […]

Point and Clique

Funniest line from this tale of threedegrees is easily this: It's the fault of the children, you see. In case you've missed all the fanfare, ThreeDegrees is Microsoft's new chat/P2P/music app that came about through the revolutionary process of asking the teenagers at which it's aimed to help design it. The app lets users organise […]

My Big Fat Greek Suckiness

The movie wasn't bad. Heck, it was in theaters here for about eight months. Now it's a TV show. The downside? What worked as a movie simply doesn't work as a television show. Nia (the main gal) showed no comedic timing and some of the other actors - fine actors normally - simply failed to […]

Fighting Spam, AOL Style

Seems AOL's "Report a Spam" feature has failed horribly at doing even the simplest of things: Knowing that you forward my email address right back to the spammer (as proven in the case with plaidworks) makes it easy for the spammers to verify that my email address is real. Of all the stupid things that […]

Joe Millionaire Wrapup

So Joe Millionaire concluded (again) this evening. Zora and Joe Evan met up again for the first time in three months, and didn't seem too excited to see each other. They were excited, mind you, just not too excited. They're a cute couple, and Zora's an awesome gal, so I hope she stays happy. The […]