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Archive for April, 2003

Pierced Child

From the "What Is This World Coming To?" File: No, I don't think it's real.

QotD: Stapled Body Parts

Question: If you had to staple any one part of your body to another part, which two would you choose? My Answer: I would staple my tongue to the top of my mouth. This would prevent me from saying stupid things, or at least thwart my efforts to do so. Beyond that, and I suppose […]

OneWord: Voice

I read some thing on Nick's blog (impromissum or something) about how people's voices change when they're talking to their significant other. Annie once told me she could tell every time Crystal called because I was talking to her differently than I do to anyone else. I suppose that's kind of funny, because aside from […]


Jon Rentzsh has an idea on how Apple may be handling all of those $0.99 minipayments. Personally, I'm quite surprised that there's no way to "bankroll" or establish "credit." I'd gladly give Apple, oh, $50 to spend in the next, oh, year or so. This would act as a governor to my own sp, and […]

American Idol is down to five contestants. Prior to having watched the show, I'm going to say this: Josh should be the one voted off this week. Then Trenyce. And then things get interesting. But I've got an hour to kill, so let's see how this whole thing goes, shall we? The folks will be […]

RSS for iTunes Music Store

You know what would be awesome? An RSS feed for the iTunes Music Store that would list new additions. You could create one for each genre: Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Classica, Spoken, Exclusives, etc. I'd subscribe to a number of the feeds. Apple could include those "itms://" links to take me right to the store […]

OneWord: Boss

I have the same boss as I have now at the new place I'll be working, but we still don't know who his boss will be. The nice thing about my position is that I'm kind of above a lot of people, though I have no people "under" me, just people that are really supposed […]

ITMS Affiliate Program

From a MacInTouch post comes this: Another major shortcoming is that there is no affiliate program for the iTunes store -- I haven't found it yet, if there should be one at all... Many web sites are created using Macs and if there would be an easy (Mac) way for webmasters to tap into the […]

From the "Shut Up Already" file comes this tale of whining. Yes, this is the same prick who broke his 17" PowerBook screen and flew into a tirade when Apple wouldn't replace it under warranty. Broken screens have never been covered as codepoet mentions here. I'm not in favor of "only speaking good of Apple." […]

Some Comment Links Changes

I've made some changes to the way Comments and PermaLinks work on the main index here at NSLog();. They It no longer opens popup windows, instead directing you to the #comments section of the individual article. Why? Mostly because I dislike popups, and partly because I didn't like getting email notifying me that someone posted […]

iTunes Music Store

The Apple iTunes Music Store is up and running at following yesterday's announcement (stream). We all knew it was coming: what we didn't know was what it would look like, the exact details of pricing, how DRM would be handled, what music would be available, and so on. I have not yet bought any […]

itms:// Links

Bill Bumgarner has figured out how to get direct links to the iTunes Music Store, and they look like this: itms:// WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/ viewAlbum?playlistId=395839. I wonder how he did that. I want to be able to do that. I want to have my iTunes list on this site link to ITMS search results instead of Google […]

OneWord: Glamour

Glamour makes me think of the magazine by the same name. Like Cosmo, but is it worse or better? Maxim is like Cosmo for guys, except they don't take themselves seriously, and I'm quite afraid that the women of Cosmo do. "How to get a Man to Buy You a Big Engagement Ring" seems like […]

QotD: iTunes Music Store

Question: What is your single favorite and least favorite feature of the iTunes Music Store? My Answer: Good: the thirty second previews are awesome - just long enough to get a good listen, no plugin, great quality. Bad: lack of selection. I wanted to pick up Chris Rock's Bring the Pain but it wasn't available. […]


I wonder if, when/if In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is ever available for download, if it will be $0.99. Cuz, y'know, that's like six cents per minute. More thoughts on the latest version of the Music-Playin' iApp tomorrow in this space (or not - that'd be really lame of me). I'm too grumpy right now to say much else […]