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Archive for July, 2003

So that "other" music service is out now, and it does nice things like restrict usage of your songs to one machine, charge you $9.49 for 2-song albums, and so on. The simple fact that the licensing is different for nearly every song should be enough to confuse the hell out of anyone. The nifty […]

QotD: Redheads

Question: Who is your favorite redhead? My Answer: Kate Winslet had red hair in Titanic, kind of, didn't she? Does she count? If no, then Tom Cruise's ex is pretty spiffy, as is my friend Lisa. Hmmm, tough call. Pebbles had red hair, didn't she? Bah, forget it, let's just go with Nicole. You are […]

Lake Ida

I just took a bike ride over to Lake Ida (my scooter apparently has a dead battery - I'm going to try to start it up later tonight when it's cooler out and I can tolerate pushing down on the kick-start repeatedly). Man that lake is dirty! A few jetskis, a few waterskiiers, and a […]

Fishing License

Not really being one to wait, I purchased a Florida freshwater fishing license today. Say that five times fast. I say "not being one to wait" because you can check the timestamp of my post earlier today to see when I first began to give it serious thought. I've not yet even got a kayak, […]

The June, 1987 issue of Great Lakes Fisherman, documents my first "limit" of fish - brown trout caught in 20 Mile Creek (because it was twenty miles from somewhere - 12 Mile Creek was also popular). I used to be quite the little trooper in a lot of ways. I fell through ice while fishing, […]

QotD: Hunting

Question: Hunting: good or bad? My Answer: Good. No, not every hunter is good - some are outright pricks and they give the other 99% - the honest, sporting hunters - a bad name, just as a few bad CEOs can make everyone who owns a business seem a bit shady. However, the vast majority […]

QotD: Concert

Question: If you could have been at any single event in the history of mankind, which even would you have attended? My Answer: There are too many to choose, so I'm going to have to go with the first halfway decent answer I can think of: the landing of the man on the moon. It's […]

QotD: Street Smarts

Question: Are "street smarts" and "common sense" the same thing? Why or why not? My Answer: I'm going to go with no. Street smarts is something gained through experience, the "knowing the ins and outs" of a system. Common sense is more innate, a second nature of sorts. Street smarts is knowing how to talk […]

Bye Bye T610

This Wednesday I'm going to go back to T-Mobile in a local mall to return the T610 (and to the Radio Shack to return the Jabra Bluetooth headset). I thought I might do this a few days ago but have since decided. In the interest of KISS, I'm just going to stick with my Motorola […]

Tarpon 120

Having previously considered a Riot and a Tarpon 100, I'm now looking at a Tarpon 120. Unfortunately, nobody has any. Anywhere. Florida is effectively "sold out" of Tarpon 120s. I could pick up a blue one if I wanted, but, well, I don't want it. I want the "sunset" color - an orange boat with […]

QotD: Sex Count

Question: If you had to name everyone with which you've ever had sex, how accurate could you be? My Answer: 100%. It's easy when you're as picky as I am. And when you're in a five-year monogamous relationship during your sexual peak. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself […]

4 Networks, 2 Machines

I picked up a D-Link Bluetooth adapter for my aging tower today, and I realize that I've got no less than four kinds of networks between my laptop and my tower: Firewire TCP/IP Ethernet AirPort Bluetooth Of course, as both have at least a CD/CD-R/DVD drive, there's always good old-fashioned sneakernet too. Heck, both have […]

My Tampon Question

I've posted a question regarding which kayak I should get over at Confluence Water Sports, the forum linked to from Wilderness Systems. I'm curious to see what answers I get - the forums seem fairly, uhh, sparse. Hopefully I'll get a few good responses. And as for the Tampon joke, well, it's not mine.

QotD: Books

Question: If your children could read only three books while growing up, which would you have them read? My Answer: Some questions you simply can't answer. This one is close. I liked Where the Red Fern Grows quite a bit. I liked a hundred other books quite a bit. Three books? To cover the entire […]

Someone suggested on cocoa-dev the other day that OS developers should include licensing kits in their OSes so that developers don't have to "roll their own," often relying on "bad" things like the MAC address of the ethernet port or the hardware's serial number.