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Archive for November, 2004

Panties for iPod

Anyone want someone's panties? I can only assume it's a woman… I'm a totally poor college student and need an ipod! I'm willing to trade some of my panties (washed or unwashed) for it even!..(i'll even give you a picture also if you want) I'm willing to take other trades! Get your panties here

QotD: Arafat

Question: Will Yassar Arafat's death be a good or bad thing, overall, for peace in the world? My Answer: I have no idea. I recognize the Palestinians are probably going to miss him, as he's done a great deal for them. Whether or not Israel sees this as some sort of opportunity may determine whether […]

Awake, the Best of Live

I must buy this CD/DVD soon. I hope my neighborhood Target (do I have a neighborhood Target?) has it. I want the DVD, baby! Here's more info. For those who are too lazy to hover over a link or read the title, I'm talking about Live's greatest hits, Awake, the Best of Live. Screw Target. […]

Need: iSight Attachment

Hey, anyone out there got the magnetic iSight attachment thing-a-ma-jig for metal displays? I need that little stand - and none of the others. The kit includes four multipurpose mounts: a magnetic mount for new Anodized Aluminum flat-panel displays, a flat-panel iMac mount, eMac and desktop mount, PowerBook and iBook mount, along with three FireWire […]

Delicious Library Thoughts

Delicious Library: I've finally managed to register it and I've played with it for, oh, five whole minutes now. If you want a big review that includes far too much opinion on how much Mac users care about packaging (we do, but I know that already), check out John Siracusa's review. And now, my initial […]

Gideon Icon Theft

And with this, Gideon softworks goes on my shit list. Why's that? Well, they've pretty much ripped off Transmit (an FTP client like our own FTPeel), not only in application layout, functionality, and design, but in their toolbar icons as well! Gideon softworks' front page includes the line "For with God nothing shall be impossible" […]

Personalized Titleists

Towards the end of every year Titleist typically runs a promo: free personalized golf balls. They offer this only on their higher-tier balls, the $40-and-up/dozen set, which consists of two models: The Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. (See postscript.) MSRP is $56/dozen, but Dick's had them for $39.95 recently and I picked up three […]

R.E.M. Wrapup

Carey and I made the trip to Pittsburgh after the Steelers game to catch R.E.M. at the AJ Palumbo Center. The opening act was Joseph Arthur, and he more than impressed me with his one-man act. It seems he's already had some success - the O.C. and Shrek 2 soundtracks. He'd start each song by […]

QotD: Beer

Question: What's the most you've ever paid for beer? My Answer: Beer at the R.E.M. concert was $8. I've never paid more than $3 for a beer, and that was in a pub or a bar. No beer was purchased last night. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

More Delicious Problems

So, Delicious Library came out today, and what do I get when attempting to "upgrade" from another application? The company, thus far, is deliciously oh-for-two. Some day, perhaps I'll be able to try the actual product! In the meantime I'm trying to cope with the ineptitude of the Delicious web developer(s).

Eagles 3, Steelers 27

The Steelers beat another undefeated team this week, their interstate "rivals" the Philadelphia Eagles. I say "rivals" because the two teams rarely meet. Ben Roethlisberger had another great day. The Steeler defense had another great day, holding the Eagles to only 23 yards rushing and 111 yards of total offense. The Eagles average around 370 […]

R.E.M. Tonight

Going to the R.E.M. concert tonight. Given their recent "Bush sucks" tour, I'm hoping the rhetoric is kept to a minimum, but I've always respected R.E.M. for voicing their political concerns while keeping their personal lives relatively to themselves. It's well known that front man Michael Stipe is, uhh, of "alternate" sexual orientations, but they […]

QotD: Boob Jobs

Question: Why do so many women get boob jobs? My Answer: One of two reasons: to feel better about themselves, or to make others feel better about them (i.e. to impress men). I don't particularly feel that either is a healthy mindset, but I'm also a realist, and one who appreciates confidence. If spending $8,000 […]

QotD: Advantage

Question: If you were to name the greatest sexual advantage that women have over men, what would it be? My Answer: Their lack of a "refractory period." If we're just talking about gender, I'd probably say their disposition for cooking. Just kidding! Carey never cooks! 🙂 Okay, seriously now, women sure can use their gender […]

10.3.6 and, uhh, Safari 1.2.4

I ran the 10.3.6 update and everything seems to be working nicely, except for one silly thing... what's up with my copy of Safari? Not sure what to make of the contextual menu I see now… other than to suggest that I'm missing some localized strings. I've run both the Software Update update and the […]