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Archive for November, 2004


Here's MailDrop 2's icon. Of course, it won't be 500 x 500 on your desktop or in your dock, but we've got it tweaked out pretty well. In the end, we decided to ditch the smile. It has more personality this way, Scott says. The document icon is coming along. MailDrop 2 is scheduled for […]

vBulletin Styles

Holy mother of $DEITY, editing "styles" (and templates, and so on) in vBulletin is a freakin' bitch! Holy crap, seriously. I have no idea where to find anything, since seemingly everything is a variable. What styling is there is so horribly done it'd be tough to figure out even if it was one file. I […]

QotD: Note-Taking

Question: Did you take many notes in school? My Answer: No. I certainly as hell never took notes as well-organized as those at Cornell would have had me do. Cripes! I was lucky if a 45-minute lecture yielded a page of notes. More likely I paid attention and then reviewed things myself in the book. […]

The End of TiVo

You heard it here first. Or second. Or eighth. I don't have any particular attachment to TiVo, but I do pay only $4.99/mo, the thing has been as reliable as a puppy, and I think the TiVo logo is cute. Sometimes things are a bit slow, though, so if the DirecTV receivers can fix that, […]

vBulletin License

I doubt that this is possible, but does anyone have a vBulletin license they don't need (or are willing to get rid of cheaply)? I'd like to consider setting up a forum on the advertising- (and thus income-) free The Sand Trap, and don't really care for the limited features of the free stuff (like […]

Delicious Themes

If you would like to download 50 new themes for Delicious Library, head on over to If you would like a method of easily setting custom themes for your shelves or for your overall application, fire up your email and bitch at Because, after all, there's no real way to use themes except […]

Tha’ts Not Right!

Today, Carey and I saw a sign in the mall that had "Slipper Pillows" in big bold type. One of those little shops set up in the "hallways" of malls, a small vendor. They were selling slippers that were very well padded. Beneath "Slipper Pillows," the sign said this: I'ts like pillows for your feet […]

AAPL + 3.89

Jeezus. I have 57 shares bought at $16.20. Value then: $923.40. Value today: $3901.08. I'm waiting until at least January (new tax year) to sell 'em. Then, the money goes right into a house. So, I hope it hangs over $60 for at least another 45 days or so.

10 Persistent Design Bugs

I find Tog's list of ten persistent design bugs interesting, if only for the reason that he puts the list's inception as "1 Dec 2004." Funny, my clock must be a bit behind… Power Failure Crash - I don't agree that we need "automatic saving." Save early, save often. So much of what the people […]

QotD: True Cost of Mac OS X

Question: What's the true cost of Mac OS X to you? My Answer: Rosyna comes up with a number of about $300. I'd tend to agree, though I have added a few of my must-haves (none of which will be my own software. I'll go with MSRP, and not the prices I've paid for things, […]

Now you can generate RSS feeds for both Google News and Amazon. Just plug 'em in to PulpFiction and away you go. PulpFiction 1.2 will be available in early January 2005 (we may release interstitial versions to those who ask politely in mid December). It will add several new features, including initial support for enclosures […]

QotD: Nintendo DS

Question: Do you want a Nintendo DS? My Answer: Ars gave it a 9, and I think that eventually I might like to pick up a Nintendo DS, but frankly $150 is far better spent elsewhere. I still enjoy console gaming (though I haven't done that in over a month). Hmmm… Perhaps I'm finally at […]

Dumbass Spam

I don't remember sending myself this email… Dear user of e-mail server gateway, Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information. Further details can be obtained from attached file. Have a good day,The team […]

Redskins 7, Steelers 16

Duce Staley sat again, and again Jerome Bettis rushed for 100 yards in a win that ended up being even uglier than last week's win against Cincy. The Steelers - the #1 defense - and the Redskins - #2 - allowed only 25 total first downs and 363 yards of total offense combined. A win […]

QotD: Pen

Question: Pen or pencil? My Answer: Gosh I don't like pencils. The scratching, the sharpening… give me a thick pen every time. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.