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Archive for November, 2004

Lock and Load

My friend Dave sent me an article called "Lock and Load" from the NY Times (username: macnn, pass: macnn if you can't log in). It's pretty silly, but I haven't written about guns in awhile, and so here's a chance. Nothing kills Democratic candidates' prospects more than guns. If it weren't for guns, President-elect Kerry […]

Several of our customers have asked us for place to put bookmarklets within PulpFiction. Bookmarklets are just chunks of JavaScript, and we've already got a place in which javascripts can run: the bottom pane where you read articles! In response to these custoers, I've added support to PulpFiction's default template and posted it in […]

The Hacks We Write

Sometimes we write stand-in code: code that does basically the same thing as what we want, but in a cheap, easy fashion. Have a look at this example from MailDrop 2. Instead of putting up a dialog box we'd have to create in Interface Builder, wire up, properly handle and dispose of, etc., we took […]

QotD: Survivor Vanuatu

Question: Who do you think will win Survivor: Vanuatu? My Answer: Regrettably, Ami. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.


Cabel's gotten a lot of virtual ink over The True Story of Audion, and it reminded me of the stories behind some of our software, in particular the names behind our applications. FTPeel, PulpFiction, iChem, Rock Star, and iWipe all have their original names. We never seriously consider anything but the above. FTPeel fit far […]

MSN Search Sucks

I have determined that MSN Search, like many things from Microsoft, sucks. I conducted a scientific study which consisted of searching for the word "Erik" - my blog was not returned within the first three pages (after which I got sick of clicking "Next"), yet is within the top ten results returned from Google. Google […]

West Wing: CJ’s Day

Y'know, I'm not nearly as disappointed with last night's episode as Jeff. The biggest problem I had was the rapidity with which CJ adapted to her job: she's crying to Leo one second saying "I just don't think it's gonna work out," we go to commercial, and we come back to find her shutting up […]

QotD: Free Song

Question: What song should I purchase? My Answer: Apple gave me a free song, and I'm wondering what one song you think I should purchase? Something that will make me say "gee, those artists sound really good, I should check out the rest of their stuff." Dear Erik, We recently sent you an Artist Alerts […]

MailDrop Icon Contest

The MailDrop 2 Icon Contest is still going on but ends in just one week. So far we've received a few submissions, but there is still plenty of room - and plenty of opportunity. Let me reiterate our top two ideas. The first is far more difficult but, if pulled off, far cooler. The second […]

Mac Geekery

codepoet is looking for a little help: what don't you know? Mac Geekery hit a standstill because I don't know what I know that you don't. That is, I have the time to write, and I know a good deal of topics, but to me they all seem trivial. Of course, most of what I […]

Delicious Doozies

Now it's just getting to be silly. We sincerely apologize, but we accidentally left some expiration code from our beta program in the final version of the application you bought, so it stopped working today. We feel horrible about letting you down; we were working night and day the last few days before release and […]

QotD: Firefox

Question: Do you give a shit about Firefox? My Answer: No. And no. I have the latest version, but I rarely if ever use it. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.


Since when does <blockquote> require <p> tags inside of it?

Shania FBI Warning

I wonder if by copying they mean ripping to high-quality AAC and then giving to my thousand closest friends for "personal use." Joking. Regardless, such a blatant message - complete with a logo - on the front of a Shania Twain CD is rather… something. Annoying at best: the front of Shania Twain CDs should […]

Get 'em while they're hot here. Though another feed aggregator or two are listed, you will naturally want to subscribe to these feeds in PulpFiction. It's fun that mailing lists are now available as RSS feeds, and PulpFiction aims to make your RSS feeds more like a mailing list. 😀 P.S. It sure would be […]