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Archive for November, 2004

QotD: Transsexual

Question: Should someone who began life as a man be allowed to compete in sports as a woman? My Answer: I vote no. I don't think that a person undergoing such an operation should have to give up much at all, but the privilege of competing against natural women (for lack of a better phrase) […]

Kiss My Aztek

The Aztek is no longer being produced. No big deal: I love mine, it runs great, and I'll have it for years. I've taken the rear seats out so many times, thrown golf, shooting, fishing, and travelling equipment and goodies in it so many times, and travelled about nearly 50,000 miles since purchasing it in […]

I want to remotely control iTunes through AirPort Express. Maybe soon!

Want to do an icon? We're looking for an icon for MailDrop 2.0, which should be available in public beta tomorrow. We've been through some ups and downs with our icon designer (no comments nor questions about this), and we're simply going to have a contest instead. The rules are simple. Design one application icon […]

CJ Chief of Staff

CJ, contrary to my guess that they'd surprise everyone and go with Tim Matheson (John Hoynes), will be the next chief of staff on West Wing. As a result, Toby will once again tender his resignation (what a schmuck sometimes) and the writing will undoubtedly continue to decline in quality.

Apple Store Ratings

Wouldn't it have been easier simply to not allow ratings of Apple products? Instead, all Apple products get five stars (apples, actually) in the store. Customers can now rate other products - a very nice touch.

Tell Us, Not Them

This is a tad lame: We're eagerly awaiting these developers to follow the leading example of ecto that already supports TextMate in their beta version. So if you're impatient, do write the developers of your favorite FTP program and ask them for TextMate support. We'll be cheering for you. The authors of TextMate, while writing […]

Fucking Stupid

Calling anyone who voted for George W. Bush "fucking stupid" is a great way to come together, to compromise. The GOP could do everything in its power to unite the country, as Kerry called for, and it still wouldn't happen because Kerryites, four years from now, will still be calling everyone "fucking stupid." How mature. […]

ADA as Coaster

Apple Design Awards make great coasters. iPods not so much.

FSS Theme Updated

Dan has updated the FSS Theme he submitted back in October. The file has been uploaded to the Resources page (under "Themes") but, as of this writing, the updated snapshot has not. Two big changes include: The thin black outline surrounding the content will change color to match the label that has been applied to […]

QotD: Michael Moore

Question: What do you think of Michael Moore? My Answer: I think that he does what he wants, which I respect in and of itself. I don't respect the work he produces, however. I've said time and time again: if he had been able to produce an actual documentary that detailed "bad things" about George […]

New Policy

If I respond to your comment (they're all emailed to me with the "from" address you use in your comments), and it bounces back to me, your comment will be deleted. So, use a real email address. In exchange, I'll make you a promise: this blog will never display your email address if you provide […]

Four More Years

If John Kerry had won yesterday, I was fearful of all of the "ha ha, you lost" IMs, emails, and comments I'd get. I had already prepared a response which included things like "I didn't lose: I voted for the guy I wanted to vote for, and nothing prevented me from doing so." I will […]

QotD: Marriage

Question: Do you define marriage the same way as eleven states yesterday voted to define it? My Answer: Sure do. Doesn't mean two women or two men can't do certain things, or live together, or raise children - or that I would have a problem with it - but even defines "marriage" as "a. […]

Played with Tiger

And, quite honestly, that's all I have to say about that. Found a few bugs, found a few nice things, and so on. Why, when I searched, the Finder couldn't find all of the files with ".m4p" but found every file "Protected" I don't know, but that's about all I have to say about that. […]