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Archive for December, 2004

iCab 3.0 Betas and CSS Support

It's amazing what a little CSS support can do for iCab. Particularly for the way the FSS site appears. I'm particularly interested in iCab - I used it a while back and it has some nice features. Bringing it back to relevancy (it hasn't been since it fell behind the CSS curve, though it hung […]

Ravens 7, Steelers 20

The Steelers clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs today with a win over the pesky, annoying, and far-too-loudmouthed Baltimore Ravens. Bettis once again chipped in with 117 yards, Roethlisberger again had a solid start with two TDs, and the Steeler defense once again shut down the running game while playing soft to the pass. The […]

QotD: Bad Presents

Question: What's the worst present you got this year? My Answer: I got absolutely no bad presents this year. None, zip, zilch. However, in the interest of answering the question, let me think… I'm going to have to go with, uhhh… No, I really don't have anything. I had some standouts that were great, but […]

QotD: Best Present

Question: What's the best holiday present (Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday if those don't apply) you got this year? My Answer: I got $1000 in office furniture for $200, so that was nice. The best present was the coat Carey got me - it fits well, looks good, and is comfortable. Has lots of pockets and should […]

QotD: Celebrating Christmas

Question: Do you celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? My Answer: Or perhaps you don't celebrate it. My family has traditionally done it "on the day," but we also usually travelled and had Christmas two days before, and then two days afterwards as well (paternal grandparents -2, maternal grandmother, then our house +2). […]

QotD: Work Qualities

Question: If you were hiring someone, what are the three most important qualities you seek? Assume that candidates are otherwise knowledgeable, as obviously "knowledge of the job area" is important. My Answer: Integrity - this affects every aspect of business, from dealing with customers to peers and to doing what they say they will do. […]

Burger King Christmas Song

Ahhh, a Christmas classic!

How to Make a Tiny Clay Orange

At least, I think this is clay. If I ever want to make a Freshly Squeezed clay orange, this is the site to see.

QotD: IQ Test

Question: What's your IQ score as determined by this silly test? My Answer: I scored 152. I promise, no screaming silly thing will pop up or anything like that. If you do take the little test (I don't place much value on IQ scores, but, whatever), try to do so fairly: no pen or paper, […]

Christmas with Snow

Living in Florida, Christmas never had any kind of hold on me. I lived in an area filled with Jewish people, so I couldn't even drive around to see houses decorated with lights. Christmas day was often 75°F. Nothing felt right. I even forgot that one day was Christmas - I woke up, wandered over […]

QotD: Gay

Question: What the hell does being gay have to do with getting a job? My Answer: Hell if I know. I couldn't care less whether an employee of mine was gay or not, but just as I'd never hire a guy like Todd on the TV show Scrubs (think: overt sexual behavior, usually straight), I'd […]

QotD: Automation

Question: If you could automate one thing in your life for free, what would you automate? Answers like "my job" or "making money" or whatever are not in the spirit of the question, so don't be a goober. My Answer: I'd automate, uhhh, okay, TiVo already does that for me. Uhhh, no, my computer does […]

QotD: Man of the Year

Question: Time magazine just announced that George W. Bush is their "Man of the Year" for 2004. Who would you choose as second place, and why? My Answer: I am choosing Ben Roethlisberger. 🙂 He's done quite nicely, and has had a far more immediate impact on my life than anyone else I can think […]

Steelers 33, Giants 30

Eli Manning, thanks to what amounted to a crappy day for the Pittsburgh defense, didn't look like a rookie today. His 0.0 passer rating last week was replaced by a 16/23 effort for 182 yards, two TDs, and one INT. Big Ben managed to hit 18/28 for 316, one TD, and two horrible, despicable INTs. […]

QotD: Favorite Costly App

Question: What's your favorite application in the "costs more than fifty bucks" crowd? Why? My Answer: BBEdit ranks up there, but that may be a ranking of familiarity and nothing else. Can Unreal Tournament 2004 be my answer? Heck, I don't have much software over $50. I like Photoshop, but it's pretty utilitarian for me […]