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Archive for December, 2004


I'm going to be collaborating with someone on a book-writing project soon. Final copies of the book are to be submitted in Microsoft Word (an app that I despise for the most part). The book will have code, images, captions, prose, and chapters, footers, etc. A normal computer-related book. The content of the book is […]

MailDrop 2.0b7

MailDrop 2.0b7 is now available. The full release of MailDrop 2.0 will occur on January 20, 2005. Introductory pricing ($20 off) between now and then. MailDrop 2.0, which currently uses Scott Stevenson's DataCrux adds a bunch of highly requested features, including: Multipart/MIME Conditionals support via PHP Inline attachments Smart (and Custom) Lists Unlimited custom variables […]

QotD: New Year’s Resolutions

Question: What are your new year's resolutions? My Answer: I don't believe that a new year is the time to try to improve yourself - it's an ongoing thing. However, January 1 I will be kicking off my winter fitness "thing." Got all the equipment and, after today, will actually have the 30 minutes/day it […]

Dvorak Schmorak (Whore-ak)

Judi is still jumping up and down over John Dvorak. I haven't cared about what Dvorak's said in awhile. Call it a growing maturity, lack of time, or the wisdom that comes with having fought the battle before. As others are comfortable with their sexuality, masculinity, femininity - whatever - I am comfortable with my […]

QotD: iPod Changes

Question: If you could add one feature to the iPod, what would you add? My Answer: I'd add the iTunes visualizer to it. Why not? I don't need anything else from my iPods (including the photo stuff), so I'd jazz it up a little so it looks nice in my car. You are encouraged to […]

Public Notice

The home page of a company I'd only ever heard of a few times before today has taken a potshot at Apple for stupid things, and I'm bored enough to take a few pot shots back. My text appears in light grey. The release of Black & Bleu™ v10 marks the end of our participation […]

Warning Wave

Yahoo! News - Tsunami Kills Few Animals in Sri Lanka: "This is very interesting. I am finding bodies of humans, but I have yet to see a dead animal," said Wijeyeratne, whose hotel in the park was destroyed. "Maybe what we think is true, that animals have a sixth sense." With all of the sophisticated […]

Perfect Circle

In the iTunes Originals: R.E.M. "chats," Michael Stipe of R.E.M. talks about a theory espoused by an artist, a painter, named Paul Clay Klee as a way of explaining pure artistry. The theory goes as follows: At the beginning, everyone starts at the bottom of a circle, which represents naïvety and innocence. As you learn, […]

Wide View

Bill Bumgarner has also seen the advantages in using Rainer Brockerhoff's RBSplitView over the standard NSSplitView. PulpFiction 1.2 will remove our hacked up NSSplitView and use RBSplitView. The title of this post may give you a clue as to what this has allowed us to do. Total time to convert from our hacked up NSSplitView […]

Another Reason Not to Use Amazon

Every time the page finishes loading, the damn window comes to the front. This includes being in another tab, in another window, and having minimized the window with in it. I type a search, flip to a new tab, and a few seconds later, BLAM, there's again. If you could flip a website […]

MP3 + Radio??

Carey's mom wants an MP3 player… with an AM/FM tuner. So, forget the iPod. She has a relatively new PC. What do you suggest?

QotD: MWSF 2005

Question: What do you expect to see at MWSF 2005? My Answer: I don't even care. A new iLife? Yeah, whatever… iTunes is fine, and I use it constantly. iPhoto I use sometimes. iDVD and iMovie I almost never use. I just want a damn AppleWorks update! I doubt we'll see that. A headless iMac […]

QotD: White Strips

Question: Have you ever used whitening strips or the brush-on pasty whitening cream? My Answer: Before a few days ago, no, I'd not. Some of my teeth are permanently (and slightly) stained due to an illness I had while they were growing in. Not much I can do about that, so I'm curious what will […]

Shortest Day

Why is the shortest day of the year at the beginning of winter (and the longest day at the beginning of summer)? It's true, too: winter in PA is from late December through late March. Spring is April through June. July and August are summer. September through November is fall.

QotD: Cookies

Question: What is your favorite kind of cookie? My Answer: My mom makes these chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips (much like the ice cream) that, when they're soft and a little warm, are wonderful. With or without milk. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or […]