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Archive for December, 2004

Free or Inexpensive Proxy

I'd like to access some Web content via a proxy (for testing some things). Does anyone know of a free or inexpensive proxy that I might use? The proxy should have a password and should let me view content via HTTP (web pages, etc.). Ideally, the proxy will report the visitor IP to the site […]


It's practically unbelievable how much I despise Microsoft Word. The simplest things - no idea how to do 'em. I click in one section and look at the ruler. I click somewhere else and the ruler completely changes. The numbers are closer together, etc. On the same page!!! Who freakin' knows anymore.

Full-Screen Games

I don't mind full-screen games. Sometimes I even play them. But today when I launched the free Holiday Express (courtesy of .Mac), it immediately zapped into full-screen mode. I immediately looked for options and the ability to turn off full-screen mode. It was there and I did, so all seemed well. Until the game crashed […]


Kelly ain't no Bill, that's for damn sure.

QotD: Comic

Question: What's your favorite comic strip? My Answer: Dilbert. I also subscribe to Wizard of Id and B.C. feeds in PulpFiction. Today's Wizard of Id was particularly funny, especially given Carey's recent "adventures" in teaching. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: iPorn

Question: Do you have porn in your iPhoto Library? My Answer: No. My porn is carefully catalogued elsehwere. 🙂 I'm prompted to ask this question by Playboy, who has now begun offering iPod Porn (they're calling it iBod). Basically, well, here: Now you can view individual images or entire slide shows on the go. Playboy […]

I've concluded my search, and I've found nothing. I went looking for a class that could behave similarly to Photoshop's toolbar buttons. The critical characteristics include: Looks like a square button. Able to have a submenu and, also, to not. Able to display that menu after a given time period, not when clicking only on […]

QotD: Holiday Booze

Question: Do you have any special holiday drinks? My Answer: My parents make some kind of red slush stuff with cherry vodka and some other ingredients. It's very good, but I haven't had any in a looooong time. Pre-turning-21, I think. PA doesn't allow you to buy beer in grocery stores and/or gas stations, so […]

Wiggly Wiggly Christmas

When I was a kid, my sister listened to "Cabbage Patch Christmas" about fifty times per year, concentrated of course in the month of December. Cabbage Patch kids singing is one step above The Chipmunks, and to say the darn record grated on my nerves is putting it mildly. Especially when you consider that "when […]

QotD: Liberal Arts

Question: Should colleges and universities place as much emphasis on liberal arts as they do? My Answer: Click the link there for the post that prompted this question. Like the first commenter, I too would have loved to focus more of my time on a topic of my choosing. I was a medicinal chemistry major […]

EA: It IS the Game

EA has signed a five-year agreement with the NFL for exclusive rights to use NFL players, teams, and stadiums. HOLY FREAKIN' SHIT, MAN!!! Sega's NFL2K5 series is much, much, much better, costs $19, and has ESPN behind it. And yet EA has managed to completely destroy any chance they had of eking their way into […]

Clarion iPod Car Audio

This certainly looks interesting. The tape deck in my car is acting funny, so I may have to switch to something that works soon. I'm not particularly interested in FM transmitters… And my car can't really do line-in.

"Gee, PulpFiction sure looks a lot like Mail!" Obviously, this was a goal of ours in the creation of PulpFiction. The downside to using Mail's familiar UI is that sometimes people say "PulpFiction treats your feeds like email." Y'see, that's not exactly true. PulpFiction has an interface like Mail - a drawer with folders and […]

QotD: Tires

Question: Would you buy colored car tires? My Answer: Yeah, if they worked just as well. Brown tires would leave true-to-life "skid marks" all over the place, yellow tires could paint new lines, and fluorescent tires would sure turn heads. How about glow-in-the-dark tires? Hmmm… Okay, so, maybe they would work as well, but are […]


I just spent ten minutes watching the guy plow the driveway in front of my townhouse. He had a pickup truck, and not one of those über-pickups, with a plow. Three cars were parked on the left, none on the right (my car remains at the Firestone place for the day). It's a wonder he […]