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Archive for December, 2004

First Real Snow

So the first real snow has come: Erie is expected to get about 12" of wet snow tonight. Great for snowmen, bad for driving. My dad and I took my car in to have a flat fixed and get the oil changed. I'm relieved that I made a smart "all-weather" decision in Florida seven or […]

Survivor Electoral Math

Turns out my Survivor Electoral Math was right: Chris won 5-2. I wasn't dead on with the votes, but my tallies were right. There are usually some flips, and the flip in this case - Ami moving over to vote against the one with the penis - was more than made up for when LeAnn […]

Jets 6, Steelers 17

The Steelers played a nice second half to come from 3-0 and 3-3 to beat the New York Jets today, 17-6. The Steelers were once again without Plaxico Burress and Duce Staley was once again Stale. Jerome Bettis threw for a touchdown and ran for one, so you know it was a screwy game. The […]

Carey’s Ring

Carey and I drove to Bedford yesterday to pick up her ring. I'd already picked it out a few weeks ago, and mine was waiting too. We drove down, picked it up, had lunch with my grandma, and drove back. I called it a "hybrid" - part engagement ring, part wedding band - because we're […]

Some of My MT-Blacklist Queries

I don't like to keep a big blacklist, instead trying to keep things fairly well pruned so that I can glance through my list. As such, I run these scripts now and then. Here are today's: DELETE FROM mt_ext_bl_item WHERE ext_bl_item_type='1' AND ext_bl_item_hits < '10' AND ext_bl_item_created_on < '2004-12-02'; DELETE FROM mt_ext_bl_item WHERE ext_bl_item_type='1' AND […]

Peyton Manning, Ass

I really only have one question about Peyton Manning: did Dan Marino throw 48 touchdowns by blatantly running up the score every week? They've won by 27, 32, 31, and 35 points in their last four wins. Against Houston, Chicago, Detroit, and Tennessee (teams that weren't going to overcome a 10-point win). In other words, […]

Is there no equivalent to Business Plan Pro for the Mac? Process is the only thing that comes up on MacUpdate when you search for "business plan" (well, and another one that's not even close). Gee, look, a huge hole in the Mac market: business plan software!

QotD: Media Reader

Question: Do you have a digital media card reader? My Answer: I've got a purple CompactFlash Firewire card reader from Lexar. Works great. I recommend a card reader (though not the USB ones) to everyone. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Pictures

Question: How many pictures (digital, analog, with your cell phone) do you take, on average, in a day? My Answer: If we're rounding to whole numbers, zero. I'll take 20 at a time, but once a month. I found out today that my camera (a Nikon CoolPix 950 or something) absolutely sucks at taking pictures […]

QotD: Motion

Question: Did you download the 30-day Motion trial? My Answer: You bet your buttocks! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

PayPal and iTMS

PayPal can now be used to purchase songs with iTMS. In fact, the first 500,000 people to sign up with a PayPal account get 5 free songs. Are there still 500,000 people with iTunes who haven't yet created an Apple ID and have a PayPal account? And can I - a long-time customer who also […]

10.3.6 and Photoshop

It may just be me, but it seems like ever since updating to 10.3.6 Photoshop's been having a fight with the shift key. The shift key no longer constrains proportions while dragging or draws perfect squares or circles. When I let go of the drag, the item snaps to the proportional size, but that's often […]

Tiny Machine

I don't have a mini iPod, and the iTunes Music Store doesn't have the song used in this fan-made mini iPod ad.

Yahoo Email

This is what happens when you forget that you have a Yahoo email account you've never actually used for anything. Gee, and only 43% of it is spam? Idontthinkso.

RSS Spam

One thing I don't see happening: RSS Spam. Unlike email, with RSS/Atom you must explicitly ask for content. It's easy to tell who "sent" it to you. The anonymity spammers enjoy is not available in RSS.