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Archive for December, 2004


Interesting fact I just read: boys tend to bond with their fathers (and male friends) side by side, facing the same direction and girls tend to bond with their mothers (and female friends) face-to-face. In my experience, that's held up pretty well. Sitting on a couch playing video games. Fishing in a stream. Shooting rifles […]

Filippi is a Democrat

Erie Mayor Rick Fillippi is a Democrat, and he's in trouble. Worse yet, he's a Democrat who snubbed Bush a few times in this most recent campaign, too. I don't care who you are: when you're a mayor of a medium-sized city, and the President of the Freaking United States visits your city, you at […]

Scott and I are kicking around an idea, and we'd like to consult with an OpenGL developer on a potential new business. I can't give away too many details, but the basics are this: Custom 3D software for vertical market Leverages Mac OS X/OpenGL Software used to leverage services or be sold outright Related question: […]


Question: I asked the question about the Nintendo DS, and now I'm asking it about the Sony PSP: do you want one? My Answer: No. The ability to play movies and, occasionally, a decent looking game is attractive. The battery life and price are not. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day […]

Nintendo DS SDK?

Anyone know where one might acquire (purchase, get for free, whatever) a software development kit (SDK) for the Nintendo DS? I don't have any serious plans, but it might be fun just to hack around and make a simple game of Hangman or something. Some people have told me that Nintendo is giving away the […]

.plist Checker

This might come in handy if you suspect that one of your Prefs files is corrupt. sudo plutil -s ~/Library/Preferences/*.plist Thanks to José for reminding me of this! (Obvious changes will be needed if a) you don't need to be root, and b) you want to check subfolders, or a different folder, or whatever. Y'all […]

QotD: Duplicitous

Question: What's the most duplicitous thing you've ever done to a member of the opposite sex? My Answer: Years ago, I failed to mention that I had a girlfriend just to see where things would go. True to form, they didn't go anywhere, which was why I knew I was relatively safe going in. I'm […]

Nice Grammar



Jason Kottke has quoted me on RSS/Atom Ad (Blocking). It's true that we've had "filter ads" since before release (the picture shows 9-22-04, because that's the day we reinstalled Mantis, our bug-tracker - and you can see a few other features in the screenshot). He then asks another question of us: Newsreader makers… how will […]

No Thanks,

Barnes & Noble offer 10% to their members in stores, and 5% online. WTF? I'd certainly buy more books if, as soon as someone mentioned "you should get this book," I could go buy it. I can, but I don't because I say "wait, I can save more if I get it in the store." […]

QotD: Fruit

Question: What's your favorite fruit? How do you most like eating it? My Answer: Kiwi, straight up (I eat the skin too). Cherries are second (if anyone ever made a seedless dark red cherry, it might just bump kiwi from the top spot - as is, they're just a little too much work). You are […]

Lame Software

Two problems with this: No big, easy-to-find "Download" link. Step 1: Enable third-party menu extra "support" Y'know, because this would be soooo terrible as a faceless application with a menu. Talk about unnecessarily limiting your market (to those who want to "hack"). And into the trash it goes. Total time spent considering it as an […]

Steelers 17, Jaguars 16

The Steelers played the Cardiac Cats tonight and pulled away with a win. How, I don't know: they deserved to lose. They made stupid mistakes resulting in drive-stalling penalties for themselves and drive-sustaining penalties for the Jaguars. A few bad refereeing calls did the same. The Steelers went up early on a 37-yard TD pass […]

QotD: Outliner

Question: Do you use OmniOutliner, and if so, for what? My Answer: I don't. People seem to like it, but for the life of me I can't figure out why. I have a to-do list in my email app (my "Drafts" folder), I keep my other to-dos in Stickies. When I need to actually create […]

Nintendo DS

A few random thoughts on the Nintendo DS, which I'll apparently be picking up within about a week. Where the heck is a good DS site? One with reviews, news, previews. Don't tell me IGN or GameSpot, of course. Where? Perhaps even a blog-like site? I sure hope I'm able to play against people online. […]