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Archive for May, 2005

Fairhaven, Mass

On Wednesday afternoon I'm flying to Providence, RI and then driving a few miles to Fairhaven, Massachusetts. I'll stay the night, meet with some people in the morning, and fly back later that evening. Friday morning I have another meeting back here in Erie. I'm limiting the details to just this, and any guesses as […]

IE 7 has Tabs

IE 7 may be getting tabs, but in the words of one person: Stop gloating about how you've caught up with five years ago and begin addressing the bigger issues, i.e.: CSS and XHTML. Heh heh heh. Does anyone care about IE anymore? Seriously?

Excel's been giving me crap every time I quit it, with the compile error listed in the subject of this post. The fix? Remove the "" files (where xxx is a varying TLE) from the Microsoft Office 2004: Office: Startup: <AppName> folder. I'm glad to be rid of those stupid toolbars and the error that […]

QotD: Mom’s Birthday

Question: What did you get for your mom's last birthday? My Answer: I'm not sure I remember, but I know what I've gotten her for this one. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Survivor

Question: Do you still watch Survivor? My Answer: Yeah, though I've gotta say I'm not sure if I'll watch in the Fall. I probably will, but after 10 seasons, there's simply nothing new. I'm not rooting for or against anyone, I've seen all the lies and deception, and the challenges are the same things over […]

QotD: XBox 360

Question: Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't get an XBox 360? My Answer: I'm jumping ahead on the QotDs to post this one two days ahead of time, I know, but with the Nintendo console not slated to come out until 2006… why should I wait? I realize MS is the evil empire and […]

Dual 800 Dies, iMac G5 Ordered

Last night, my parents lost power for a little while. When the power came back on, their Dual 800 "QuickSilver" G4 refused to. Today, they purchased (via me) a 17" iMac. I think they'll be happy with it. Right now, I'm trying to find an external FW drive enclosure. I don't know if I'm going […]

There's quite a bit of blog energy surrounding one local blog lately - "Expose Erie Politicians .com" is run by an anonymous person or group of people. Erie residents like Greg Valiga write about it, saying that the Erie Times gets it right when they say: Some liar -- we don't shrink from this accurate […]


It is back! Hooray!

In iTunes 4.6, you could request the currently playing song with an AppleScript on loop. Every ten seconds or so, you could say "hey, what's the current tune?" This is how Recent Tunes worked, in fact. When iTunes 4.7 (I think it was 4.7.1 specifically) came out, it pushed out notifications on its own. You […]

I am supposed to be cleaning right now. Instead, I'm cleaning my email. I'm re-organizing some folders, closing out some things, and getting rid of the mess. The next target: my address book. Then, tonight, I must get some writing done, despite the fact that Carey's here for the next few days. Oh boy. I'm […]

QotD: WebCore and KHTML

Question: Who do you believe is in the right: Apple or the KHTML folks? My Answer: Here's the nickel summary. Apple forked KHTML to create WebCore because KHTML relies on the KDE windowing/display environment. Apple has been supplying a ton of fixes and patches to WebCore (the fork), but the KDE/KHTML folks think that the […]

Conceited Chat of the Day

In addition to the Dyson DC15 we bought today, Carey and I spent a bit of money in some other stores. We went to Home Depot first, despite not having a 10% off coupon. Having read Consumer Reports, we were there to get a Lawn Boy or a Toro lawnmower. CR recommended a $399 Toro […]

I got a Dyson DC15 today. It's nicknamed "The Ball" because, like AC/DC, it has big balls. Well, one of 'em anyway. Normally, of course, I wouldn't spend $635 on a stupid vacuum cleaner. I'd live with sawdust floors before I'd spend more than a month's rent on something that sucks. Fortunately, I paid only […]