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Archive for June, 2005

Cutting Edge 2

My parents rented The Cutting Edge on VHS many, many years ago. I was sick or for some reason I was home alone, and my dad was deer hunting. I watched the movie three times in a row. Nothing else to do, right? "Toe pick" still makes me laugh, and I own the movie on […]

Carey and I have spent the past few days buying furniture. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we visited John V. Schultz, Arthur F. Schultz, and Oak Express. We also checked in at Kaufmann's and a few other smaller places. We're looking for quite a bit of stuff, making us pretty good customers: Dining room table […]

What the heck? First Nintendo fails to capitalize on the Internet and 'net-based gameplay. Now this? Nintendo: get your freakin' act together. It seems increasingly so that the only next-gen console I'll be buying is the PS3. Stupid Nintendo.

My New Phone Ringtones

I re-did my ringtones today. I last worried about them May 8, 2004, but this time I got a little fancier. First, the list: Carey - Amazed Golf/Work - Forest for the Trees Friends - Good Intentions Family - We are Family General - You Can Call Me Al Those are the groups, of course, […]

New Home Phone Number

Pals, friends, and family: I have a new home phone number. It begins "814-833-xxxx" and the last four numbers I won't publish here, so email or IM and I'll pass the information along. Carey and I will prefer to speak on our home phone at any time over talking on our cell phones, of course, […]

Carey, having a full-time teaching position with Millcreek School District this fall, began looking for summer work in mid April. After all, we've got a new house! Cash is good, in any form. One of the first places she looked was at the Sylvan Learning Center on Peach Street here in Erie. Parents can send […]

QotD: Sell on eBay

Question: Do you sell on eBay? My Answer: Very, very rarely. I'm considering using iSale, but the reviews on MacUpdate are quite mixed. It won an Apple Design Award this year, but that's hardly an indication of anything. If you use iSale, what are your opinions? (P.S. I'll be selling Beanie Babies and a ton […]

Updated my ‘To Do’ List

I've updated my To Do list. I'm up to 35.29%, which just makes me want to add even more un-accomplished things to the list.

QotD: URL Pet Peeves

Question: What are your URL pet peeves, if you have any? My Answer: I hate it when "www" doesn't work. For example, didn't work for the longest time (it does today, at least, by forwarding to www.). I don't care for dashes, but I don't know that it's a real "peeve" of mine. I […]

QotD: Widgets

Question: How many Dashboard Widgets do you have? My Answer: 14 standard widgets in /Library/Widgets and an additional 10 in ~/Library/Widgets (Air Traffic Control, DaisyTracker, Delicious Library [which still doesn't work], DoppleViewer, Golf Tips, Package Tracker, Self Defense Counter, Stats for AdSense, TV Tracker, Type Cast). I don't necessarily like all of the third-party ones, […]

QotD: Headphones

Question: What headphones do you use with your iPod? My Answer: I use the stock ones, but then again, I rarely use the ear buds or headphones. I have some $300 noise-cancelling headphones (Sony) downstairs in a bag somewhere, and when I'm on a plane or a train I'll take those instead. You are encouraged […]

July 16 is the 95% certainty date for our (Carey + Me) wedding reception/housewarming cookout. If the weather's bad, July 17 will work too. They're Saturday and Sunday, and ideally I'll be taking whomever wants to go golfing on Sunday to Lake View for some golf. I expect that the list will be short - […]

I know that Recent Tunes is a bit broken on Tiger. The problem has been isolated, and a new version should be out relatively soon. Freshly Squeezed Software has been considering turning this application into an inexpensive utility. The obvious downside is that it would no longer be freeware, but the upside is that it […]

Longitudes and Attitudes

I've been reading Longitudes and Attitudes (by Thomas Friedman, link goes to BN). I'm quickly getting bored with it - the pre-9/11 pieces were interesting in a "look back" fashion. The post-9/11 articles were good at first, but border on being repetitive and tedious at this point. The same themes, the same thoughts, the same […]

Mac on Intel: Viruses?

Among the dumbest things I've heard today, in Adium: "Ha ha, now you will get viruses too you piece of shit Mac user! Enjoy your crappy Mac OS X on Intel, fool!" Steve Jobs could probably sell freezers to eskimos. Unfortunately, the average eskimo IQ is probably sixty points higher than the average "PC d00d." […]