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Archive for August, 2005

This blog is now running MovableType 3.2. It - so far - is working beautifully. The Sand Trap is also "running" MovableType 3.2. It isn't working beautifully at all. In fact, it's not even really working. Since installing MT 3.2 on The Sand Trap, I've had HTTP 500 errors left and right when I rebuild […]

Doofuses on AIM

For some reason, for the past few weeks, I get several queries a day from what seem to be bots - except they're not, because they respond "intelligently." One is named "betcha20bucks" and they IM constantly asking "WHO IS THIS" and other stuff. From just now: 12:36:34PM betcha20bucks: HI 12:36:58PM betcha20bucks: WHO IS THIS 12:37:56PM […]

QotD: Spelling

Question: Do you consider yourself a good speller? My Answer: You betcha. I may have an occasional typo here and there (in other words, there's no need to go back and try to find mispellings here on the ol' blog), but I typically know how to spell just about everything. I rarely hear a word […]

QotD: Teacher

Question: Who was your favorite teacher, and why? My Answer: I had two, and both were in chemistry. It's no wonder that I went into medicinal chemistry in college, I suppose. Ed Koster and Phil Sarver were both very different in their approach to teaching, but I respected both (despite how I may have behaved) […]

September Member-Guest

My uncle is not going to be able to play, so anyone interested in playing in my country club's September (21st) Member-Guest tournament should let me know ASAP. 🙂

Google Talk

I'm on Google Talk now. The settings, for Adium: Jabber ID: [username] Password: [Your GMail Password] Connect Server: Resource: Adium Port: 5222 Mail: [your choice] Security: check "use TLS encryption" but leave "force old-style SSL" and "allow plaintext authentication" unchecked. That's it. Say hi if you'd like - I'm "erikjb" on Gmail…

QotD: Stalker

Question: Have you ever had a stalker? Or been a stalker? My Answer: No. I've had some mini-crushes, but I was a bit more the "that's me in the corner, losing my religion" type of guy than the "must know every detail, be everywhere, see everything" type of guy. And I'm fairly certain nobody's ever […]

QotD: Pop Tabs

Question: Have you ever collected pop tabs? For what purpose? My Answer: When I was in college, a local beer distributor offered a free keg for a gallon jug full of pop tabs. Rob and I collected them, then didn't have time to drink a keg (or throw the party), so we figured they must […]

Golf Team’s First Match

The high school golf team - for which I am the volunteer assistant coach - had its first match last night at J.C. Martin "Country Club." In quotes because, well, if you've ever played at J.C. Martin you know it's about as far from a country club as you can get. The card? 5 4 […]

QotD: Buying Books

Question: Where do you buy the majority of your books? My Answer: A local Barnes & Noble. I get 10% off (now 20%, because Carey's a teacher) and I enjoy the "immediacy" of having a book in my hand and not having to wait for the mail to deliver it (i.e. You are encouraged […]

Pretty Touareg

For Matt, my favorite Touareg picture: Not my car, obviously, just a Touareg in a field. It's larger than you see here, so feel free to look here.

Did Safari 2.0 (412.2.2 - the one you get with Security Update 2005-007) break table-copying behavior for anyone else, or just me? I used this page as a test. I pasted into BBEdit (8.2.3). Safari had been working properly for quite some time, but just now - several times - it pasted with one piece […]

QotD: Seagulls

Question: Have you ever given a seagull an Alka Seltzer? My Answer: Nope. I can't imagine it'd be a whole lot of fun, really. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

I have a list of 10 unordered links on a web page, where each links via href="#" and has an onClick that performs a function called changeText(). The changeText() function changes the "innerHTML" value of a div on the same page, replacing the text "Click one of the names above" with a bunch of HTML […]

SpamLookup in MovableType

With MovableType 3.2b4 (actually in an earlier nightly beta), SpamLookup is bundled in and makes use of the "feedback scoring" system to "junk" spamments. Thus far, the results are astounding: I've had one false negative and one false positive on top of about 11,000 spamments. Those are impressive results, and the darn thing (so far […]