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Archive for September, 2005


I don't know if I'd call this funny. Did the guy's head hit the rear of the truck? Near that latch? Sure looks like blood. If so, definitely not funny.

Erie Real Estate

Coldwell Banker came out with their 2005 Home Price Comparison Index. Erie has the most affordable homes in Pennsylvania. For example, a house in center city Philadelphia would costs 2.96 times more than a comparable house in Erie. The cost of an average home in the Erie area is about $107,000. There are currently 607 […]


The power has gone out in my neighborhood at least eight times since Carey and I moved in here in early June. Yesterday and today it was out three times alone. This is frickin' ridiculous, and so far as I can tell, there's absolutely no reason why the power should go out that often.

Hey, it's no longer "my" software, but I still had quite a hand in shaping the application, and so I'm proud of the "VIII" that PulpFiction got in the Ars review. Of course, no review would be complete if there weren't some weird issues, like this: I found no way to group my feeds into […]

QotD: Mental Health

Question: On a scale of one to ten, one being poor and ten being great, how's your mental health been lately? My Answer: About a seven. I ask only because the world has seen quite a bit of upheaval lately, school is back in session, fall is upon many of us, and Christmas decorations are […]

QotD: Baseball Cards

Question: Did you collect baseball cards as a kid? What did you do with them? My Answer: Yes. I sold them when I was about 14 to a kid for about $250. Thousands of cards, but none worth very much at all. The most were worth $10. Back then, $250 seemed like a lot of […]

‘_1’ in MovableType Basenames

Several times since upgrading to MovableType 3.2 at The Sand Trap .com, basenames have included a "_1" at the end. I have no idea why, and it's frustrating to have to go through and edit the basename and change the URL of any TrackBacks. If I could understand why MovableType keeps putting "_1" perhaps I […]

Backup 3.0 Continues to Suck?

I thought that Backup 3.0 would allow me to back up nightly, one disk to another. I didn't even care so much if the backup wasn't bootable. I awake this morning to an error: insufficient free space on the destination. Phooey, Backup. Are you still this useless?

Theft is Bad

If I had known that Steve Jobs wrote a chapter of the Bible, I'd have read it more carefully: Theft is bad, you don't want to burn in Hell. -- Jobs 9:20 The best thing (and the worst) about MacNN continues to be the comments.

QotD: Emptying the Trash

Question: Do you have the "warn me when emptying the trash" warning turned on or off? My Answer: Off. And I almost always use the keyboard shortcut. I put stuff in the trash only when I intend to erase it, so I usually just hit cmd-delete, shift-cmd-delete, and voilà! The files are gone. The one […]

Neil Postman

My friend Arion recommended Neil Postman to me, and to move his email out of my inbox, I'm posting her as my own reminder: Amusing Ourselves to Death is one of my favorite books of his. Check out some of the articles here though. Thanks, Arion.

Douche of the Day: Rob Enderle

Could this guy write worse crap than this article? This has to be one of the dumbest, "wrongest," and "patheticist" articles I've ever read. Heck, Rob's only competition is his wife, largely for this review of the iMac G5.

God Punished Us for Bush

Someone called in today to a radio show I was listening to and said, and I quote: I think that the whole thing in New Orleans, all the death and destruction, that's God's way of getting us back for causing all that death and destruction over in Iraq and Afghanistan. If Georgie Dubya were as […]

Ahoy There!

Ahoy there me hearties! I've been watching too much The Wiggles to participate in International Talk Like a Pirate Day without sounding like the gay pirate from the show from down under (uhhh, The Wiggles, for those of you who have trouble figuring things out). Shiver me timbers, matey! I celebrated this day two years […]

Still Throttling

MovableType's internal TrackBacks are still being throttled. I have no idea why. "mod_throttle" is not installed, so far as I know, and I'm fairly certain that mod_throttle would not have a mandatory waiting period of at least an hour or so. Something is screwy. I'd like to be able to figure out what…