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Archive for September, 2005

Tennessee 7, Steelers 34

Just as girlfriend* Natalie Gulbis was putting away Maria Hjorth of the European team en route to a 15.5-12.5 United States victory in the Solheim Cup, rookie-no-more Ben Roethlisberger was leading the Steelers to the first of six consecutive scores and 34 unanswered points as the Steelers easily put away the Tennessee Titans in their […]

U.S. Open Finals

Question: Did you watch the U.S. Open Finals? My Answer: I'm watching right now. Go Agassi! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: College Football

Question: Do you watch college football? My Answer: I couldn't care less about college football. Not one lick. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

I'm trying to send TrackBacks from one entry on this blog to another entry, but I can't seem to escape this: Ping '' failed: HTTP error: 403 Throttled What gives? I'm not TrackBack spamming myself, and SpamLookup has no "throttling" capabilities. Where is this "throttling" coming from and how the heck can I eliminate it. […]

My Fall TV Picks

Here's what I'll be watching this fall (below). I haven't factored in any additions by the wife, and I used the first of the two listings grids I found for this entry to complete my list. The totals: Comedies 5 Dramas 5 Reality 5 Hours 14.5 Since I can watch 14.5 hours of television in […]

Fall TV Schedule

I'm thinking that I should look around for a site that lists the fall TV schedule (with the date of the first show) so that I can get my TiVo set up. Does such a site exist? A few new shows interested me, from the promos, and I'll keep recording a few classics. I'll supply […]

QotD: Wikipedia’s Lamest Entries

Question: Which Wikipedia entry do you think is the lamest? My Answer: I'm definitely going to have to go with the entry on "floaters." You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

VW Licensed Now

The Touareg is now licensed. It's got my "IACAS" plates and Carey is awaiting her "IAEJB" plates for the Aztek. It was cheaper to transfer IACAS to the VW and order new plates for the Aztek than to order new plates for the VW and switch them when they arrived. Cheaper by about $80. Sales […]

Fuck You, Aqua!

It's not yet 10 p.m., but Gruber is drunk: AQUA: Howdya fuckin' like it now, bee-yotch? WHOO HOO! BRUSHED METAL: Fuck you, Aqua. AQUA: WHOOO! Heh heh. Oh, we Mac users…

Nano Thought

Which iPod Nano - black or white - do you think Kanye West would buy? George Bush? 😀

ROKR Moment

So today I'm watching the Steve Jobs presentation of the ROKR et al. and at 18:30 or so, a phone starts ringing. Thinking I'd left my phone in the bedroom (25 feet away or so), I jump up and sprint to the bedroom. I come back and my phone is sitting two feet from me […]

QotD: Firewire is Dead?

Question: Do you think that Firewire is dead? My Answer: No. Digital video means too much to Apple. The nano lacks Firewire to keep the size - and price - down, and USB 2.0 is available on just about every Mac of the past, what, four or five years? So I'm not gonna agree with […]

Rock Star works with iTunes 5. I just tried it. I haven't played Rock Star in weeks! It's still fun!

Question: What do you think of the ROKR? iTunes 5? The iPod Nano? My Answer: I personally don't care about the ROKR (don't have Cingular), iTunes 5 I've yet to install (doing so now), and the iPod Nano is what it is. What I am most interested in is actually this page, the "iPod Your […]

Erie Golf Course

The North East High School golf team ventured to Erie Golf Course yesterday to play a match against Central. They lost, but that's not what I care to talk about here. Erie Golf Course is a whopping 1.5 miles from my house, and 1 mile of that is the windy road you take to get […]