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Archive for February, 2006


The kiddo is a smart one. She's in three-year-old pre-school right now which, while not terribly strenuous academically, is great for developing her relationship and social skills. However, the school does some things we're not too keen on. First, they watch a lot more TV than Carey or I are comfortable with. The afternoon shift […]

iPod Hi-Fi and New Mac Mini

I'm unlikely to buy either the iPod Hi-Fi or the Mac Mini. Why? First off, I don't often use my TV/Stereo system for much beyond my TiVo, the DVD player, or some games. I have an AirPort Express hooked up if I really want to play my music downstairs, and I can't see wanting to […]

I recently had reason to do two things: clear my entire ~/Library/Cache folder convert my day-to-day user to a non-admin user (and to create a new admin) I also switched to a backup partition due to a hard disk failure, and renamed mdimport "mdimport.bak" temporarily so that it wouldn't fire up and "use" the disk […]

GMail Spam Recipes

Yes, GMail, that's exactly what I want to see: a few hundred different links to sites that will show me how to cook actual spam while deleting the spam in my Spam folder. Uh huh. You read my mind. P.S. Sure wish there was a way to just empty my entire spam folder in one […]

A friend of mine is in need of a web-based PHP/MySQL inventory management software package. The requirements are listed below. Ideally, any software packages (open source, commercial, etc.) would either meet most or all of the requirements or be easily hacked (open source stuff only, I suppose) to allow for the addition of some features. […]

QotD: Olympics Viewing

Question: In sum total, how much Olympics coverage did you watch? My Answer: No more than 30 minutes. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Last Good Movie

Question: What was the last good movie you've seen, at home or in a theater? My Answer: Alfie. And that was about two or three months ago. Ouch! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Resizing Images in JavaScript

Just a personal bookmark: Live Thumbnails: Watch 'em Grow.

Don Yacktman Update

Just an update from my previous post on the new (if nearly a year old is still "new") owner of Freshly Squeezed Software. In addition to some legal issues between he and a former partner, Don became ill and had a few other things all go wrong at the same time. I was able to […]

Saw a Smart ForTwo

Returning from Turning Stone Resort & Casino on Sunday, Carey and I saw a Smart "ForTwo" car. It's tiny and looks like a death trap, but it apparently gets about 60 miles to the gallon. I thought the car cost about $12,000 - and I told Carey that at that price, it'd almost be worth […]

Free Pilot of NBC’s Conviction

You too can download the free pilot episode (and some other promo stuff) of NBC's new show Conviction. While I don't think I am going to watch the show, it's nice to have a free episode, and I think this is a great way to promote the show. After all, I'd never heard of it […]

Darn Non-Invisible Symlinks

For some reason, etc, tmp, and var are showing up in the root directory of my hard disk. I attempted to set the invisible bit on them (with SetFile). It didn't work because it attempted - I believe - to set the invisible bit on the directory they're linked to. What gives? rwxr-xr-x 1 root […]

QotD: Storage Space

Question: How much storage space does your computer have in its most-used setup? My Answer: My G5 has two 250 GB hard drives, one of which I think I'm replacing soon. I really only use one of them while the other serves as a nightly backup. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the […]


Well, the guy I wanted to win the tournament didn't win. The trip to and fro was nice, the hotel was great, and there was nothing to do but gamble and watch pool, so the weekend really wasn't as great as I was hoping for. Oh well. P.S. The post title refers to the antics […]

Turning Stone

Carey and I are on a little vacation (today and part of tomorrow). We're staying at the Lodge at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. There's a pool tournament here, so I'll be watching a bit of that, and a casino, some dining, etc. It's good to get away. This trip was paid for by the […]