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Archive for February, 2006

New Heart

My friend José called me today after getting a new heart last Saturday. He's doing well and they say he has 0% rejection. Frickin' awesome!


I just checked the "value" of my home on (Mac users: use Firefox. Safari is not yet supported). It's "valued" at about $8k less than Carey and I paid for it. But that value is seasonal, too: I checked the graphs and the home was worth $18k more than Carey and I paid for […]

Whisenhunt Stays with Steelers

Ken Whisenhunt showed that he's not only a smart offensive coordinator, but that he's also an all-around smart person. He turned down Al Davis' offer to coach the Raiders. Oakland is a coaching graveyard, and with the Steelers, Ken sees the potential to win, oh, ten or so more Super Bowls in the next ten […]

Scripting Entourage

I hope I'm wrong (please, tell me if I am), but it does not appear that I can tell Entourage to apply "rules" via AppleScript. If I've overlooked the possibility, please tell me how this can be done. A friend of mine wants to apply a certain rule (or all rules, if the first can't […]

Super Bowl Fallout

Well, I said it before and I'll say it again: it's odd how incredibly unsatisfied I am with a Steelers Super Bowl victory. It largely boils down to the fact that the playoffs (Cinci, Indy, Denver) were so exciting and the Steelers had their A game only to bring their C/D game to the Super […]

A Billion iTunes

So you can win some things if you download the billionth song. Great. I can't even add some items to my shopping cart. I get an error 502. I owe someone an iTMS gift certificate and I can't even access the proper "page" to buy a gift certificate, nor can I add songs to my […]

As a lifelong Steelers fan, it's odd how incredibly disappointed I feel after a Super Bowl victory. Neither team brought their A game. Heck, I'd be hard pressed to give Seattle even a B, and Pittsburgh played at least one grade level below them. C+ and C- games, perhaps? To those who want to blame […]

Immediately Publish Comments From

Today I toggled a setting in this blog's "Feedback" area. I now immediately publish comments only from authenticated commenters. This is two steps up from "no one" and one step down from "Anyone." MovableType hasn't been updated in months. The next time it is, I'd like to see a setting that immediately approves comments only […]

QotD: Super Bowl Party

Question: What are you doing for the Super Bowl? My Answer: Staying here with just my wife and kid. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Webster's, if you'd like to use this image for the next version of the dictionary, you have my express written permission to do so.

iPod Volume

Can a judge sentence someone to self castration? Because folks like this should not be allowed to breed. Or even interact with other human beings. Or maybe the judge could sentence the guy to write 1 million times on a chalk board "If my iPod is too loud, I will henceforth simply turn down the […]

IE7 Beta 2

I don't know what all of the fuss is about - it still looks hideous. Absolutely hideous. But so long as it renders pages properly, I couldn't care less how it looks because at least I don't have to use it.

Door for the Pool Room

This entry is mostly for my wife to make a decision (today). She's at a conference, so this is how I can reach her…

Here We Go

I'm not a big fan of Super Bowl theme songs (by the way, how'd that work out for you, Cincinnati?), but at least the Steelers Super Bowl theme song doesn't suck. Word on the street is that the best the Seahawks can do, however, is "Sweet Shaun Alexander" set to the theme of "Sweet Home […]

233 Hours

Carey jokes with me that I don't "do" anything all day except "read other people's blogs." Truth is, I do spend about 30 minutes per day reading other people's blogs. Like Judi's. Today, Judi writes that she worked for 233 hours in January. I didn't work nearly that much in January, but I can say […]