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Archive for February, 2006

Enigmo 2

Apple has the QuickTime trailer for Enigmo 2. Unfortunately, the trailer misspells the word "pangea" in the URL at the end. This flaw is in both the online and the "iPod" version of the movie. I'll write more about the game after I play a little. For now I wanted to email this blog entry […]

The Golllphdomme

That's how the kiddo pronounces "Golf Dome." We went two nights ago after what started out as a hellacious trip to Pizza Hut. She's got a pretty good swing. I could go on about how she's laid off at the top, has a horrible grip, doesn't maintain her spine angle, and so forth but that […]

Lemonade Stand

I used to spend hours playing entrepreneur as a child. The culprit? Lemonade Stand. And now it's available for Mac OS X. Woohooo!

Basic Mac OS X Security

That's the title of an entry at MacGeekery. I've long operated as the administrator, but on the urging of this article I've decided to demote myself a bit. After all, what's the harm in entering a username and password now and then? We shall see, because I do a lot of "admin" type duties. I […]

QotD: TrackBacks Dead?

Question: Kasia is asking whether TrackBacks are dead or not, so I'm asking you too: are they? My Answer: For the most part, they seem to be. That's unfortunate, because TrackBack was great. I still use it quite heavily on this site and The Sand Trap as a way of linking between related articles within […]

Safari Version in 10.4.5

Can someone with Mac OS X 10.4.5 tell me what version Safari is? I ask because I've been holding off on upgrading because Saft is not yet ready for 10.4.5, it would seem, but if Safari is still 2.0.3 (417.8) it may work. I'm not sure what's taking the Saft guy so long this time. […]

Dvorak: Apple to Switch to Windows

Scott Stevenson writes about it here, and I'm not going to give Dvorak the pleasure of another incoming link. The title says it all, and I also don't want to give Dvorak the pleasure of knowing I've wasted any more than this brief slice of time thinking about him. P.S. Dvorak is just an attention […]

Cheney Shoots a Man

I'm not gonna link to it because it's old news, but how frickin' dumb do you have to be to shoot a man? I was explaining to someone that you can't shoot anyone quail hunting unless one (or both) of two things happen: You don't walk in a straight line. You shoot outside of your […]

Hardware Discount Still Available

I still have an Apple Developer Hardware discount available. It's got to be used by the end of February. It expires March 1, 2006. Oh, and btw, any Apple Developer account (even the free online ones) can get an Apple hardware discount, an Apple seed key, etc. Almost any asset can be transferred. Uh, yeah. […]

This, while being cool and helpful, is also kinda creepy. Isn't it? I mean, just look at this Windows window inside a Mac window. It goes beyond even Virtual PC creepiness. Regardless, very cool of I almost typed "" That'd be a fun domain name…

QotD: V Day

Question: What are you doing this Valentine's Day? My Answer: Nothing special. "Bumpy" is the kiddo's valentine, so he's visiting her at school today. Carey and I don't get much into Valentine's Day. I talked with a friend at the health center today and he called "V Day" "Venereal Day." She said the need to […]

A local college, Gannon University, is having a Computer Programming Contest. The contest rules say that "Entries can be written in any programming language," which is great, but they continue the sentence "as long as they are executable on a PC running a LINUX or Windows operating system." While I'd like to think that they […]

Willa Ford

A few years ago when I was taking Flint to the dog park in Delray Beach every day, I'd occasionally meet new people. You're stuck at a dog park for an hour, otherwise bored, so it's gonna happen. Of course, most of the "regulars" knew each other by their dogs, not their first names, but […]

Mac OS X Annoyances

Yet another dope has seen fit to call out Mac OS X's annoyances. Let's have a look. Separating Menu Bar from Window Is Stupid. No, you are if you think the Windows way is in any way better. Location consistency doesn't trump having something infinitely high. Usability studies and common sense tell you that. Apps […]

Don Yacktman

Has anyone seen or heard from Don Yacktman in the past, oh, three months? How about the past month? Week? I have a vested interest in knowing what the heck is going on with Don due to the fact that he owns what was once my company, and the fact that he hasn't appeared to […]