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Archive for June, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Look, it's George W. Bush singing "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."

A king is having a feast. His intelligence officer comes up to him 30 days before the feast and tells the king that 1 of his 1,000 bottles of wine had been poisoned by his enemies. The poison kills immediately after 29.9 days, but has no other effects beforehand. The king has only 10 wine […]

pal: Hey me: hi pal: Do you have a 15" PB? me: 12 pal: I updated to 10.4.7 and I just noticed that "Use two fingers to scroll" appears in the Trackpad tab of Keyboard & Mouse. me: on the old ones? hmm. pal: Yea. There is nothing mentioned about it in the update. Interesting. […]

Purple Pop = Green Poop

Not only does Kool-Aid do it, but Tropicana Grape pop makes your poo green, too. And yeah, it's all in how your body metabolizes certain dyes.

The Little Man Wins

Corporate types are so stupid sometimes. Like this time. I'll have to check my local Best Buy to see if it's company-wide. P.S. Cabel = Little Man. Best Buy = not. Dumb entry title, but so what? It's a blog fer crissakes. It's not like I give this any thought. 😉

rm -r *

Yes, -f overrides -i. But from a pay phone?

How About This…

I'm starting to dread the words "How about this…" They're always the beginning of an attempt at bargaining by the Little One who runs around this house (and who would like to think she commands the house). What's worse, her counter-offers are never even close to fair. A few such exchanges: Parent: Eat five more […]

QotD: Videos in iTunes

Question: How many videos appear in your iTunes "Videos" playlist? What are they? My Answer: Most of mine are music videos (and most free, either with an album purchase or because I encoded them myself), but I have movies, funny video clips, and a few other more serious things in there as well. You are […]

QotD: Funerals

Question: When did you last attend a funeral? My Answer: Today, obviously prompting this QotD. My wife's grandfather passed away on Wednesday. She has only one grandparent - his wife - remaining. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Death and Dying

I've said before and I'll say again that nobody really close to me has ever died. I was not terribly close to my paternal grandma or grandmother. I can't fathom being 80+ and knowing that your time is coming soon as you watch your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, and perhaps even your children (or theirs) […]

Wii Pre-Orders

I wonder when the Wii pre-orders be taken by places like EB or GameStop? I'd like to get in early. 🙂

During the winter I started a site at Obviously, the idea behind the site is to provide tips, tricks, and the occasional puff piece (reviews, interviews, news, etc.). With the big gaps (i.e. spring/summer/fall, or "golf season") in my own pool playing, the site hasn't been updated in awhile. I'm looking to sell the […]

Pop Pop

Carey's grandfather passed away a few hours ago after breaking his hip last year and suffering a series of minor strokes in April. It was a relatively short (when compared to other life-ending illnesses) decline, and for that I believe Carey and the rest of her family are relatively happy. Though I'm not the religious […]

Core Data to HTML

Suppose you have a whole bunch of data in a Core Data document. How would you choose to export that data to HTML? Would you use XSLT? Would you just do a flat dump of the file? Would you manually create the HTML virtually line by line?

Help with a Web Design Issue

I despise Internet Explorer for Windows. Plus, I don't have a copy of Windows, so… that makes testing things harder. This page, a temporary page, renders fine in Safari and Firefox, but due to the fact that IE doesn't support negative margins or pseudo-classes on anything but a, it really renders rather poorly in IE. […]