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Archive for June, 2006

I’m Such an Idiot

Those are not my words, but those of Phil Mickelson, who lost the U.S. Open today in stunning fashion. Here are how the leaders finished their rounds just a few minutes ago: Player Score 16th 17th 18th ------ ----- ---- ---- ---- Geoff Ogilvy +5 Par Par Par Phil Mickelson +6 Bogey Par Double Jim […]

Drive-In Theater

Carey and I saw Cars (not Pixar's best) and Stick It (lame) tonight at a drive-in theater. Apparently, drive-ins have done away with those speaker boxes for quite awhile now, instead asking drivers to tune in to a radio frequency. Next time we'll bring a radio so that we don't just drain the car battery. […]

QotD: Carwash

Question: When was the last time you went through a carwash? My Answer: I don't remember. Is it safe to assume that most modern car washes are safe? Or should one still look to avoid certain kinds of carwashes for fear of scratching, etc.? You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for […]


I learned a new word today thanks to John Gruber: potboiler. It's defined as "a book, painting, or recording produced merely to make the writer or artist a living by catering to popular taste."

Brain Age

Carey got Brain Age, the Nintendo DS "game," from her brother today and we had some difficulty in playing it. Though I'm "fast as a train" at the math problems, I was only at a "bicycle" level on the "say the color of the word" test. The game, as played on a DS Lite, doesn't […]

QotD: World Cup Soccer

Question: Are you going to watch the World Cup? My Answer: A little. I think International Football would be a whole lot more exciting if, once taken from a game, you could come back in. The way soccer is played at this level, once you're substituted, you're done. This leads to star players playing a […]

Big Ben Goes Bang

Though I didn't specifically, Ben Roethlisberger's injury is a great example of "I told you so," even if nobody is willing to actually say it. I had a scooter in Florida and I often told people "the first time I drove past a pole at 40+ MPH" I put a rush on my helmet order. […]

Michelle Wie’s Putting

If I could putt for Michelle Wie, she'd not only be playing in the U.S. Open (with 151 other men), but she'd also have won an LPGA major or two by now.

Mulch 2K6

Last year, we got seven cubic yards of bark. This year, we ordered 10 cubic yards of mulch. Either we were ripped off last year or we got a lot more than we paid for this year, because the ratio was waaaaaaay off. Happily, though, we're done. If you're curious what ten cubic yards of […]

Sometimes, I'm simply amazed at the gall of some people. Keep your money. There are far, far, far better ways to spend $85. And that's all I really have to say about that…

Where are the Intel Towers?

I'm probably going to be making a computer purchase - or two - this year. I wish Apple had its Intel towers out already so that I could replace my 2 x 2.0 G5 with a second-generation product, but it doesn't appear that it's going to be possible. The tower is now, as many have […]

I’m Being Logged Out

Lately, my computer has been acting a bit strangely. Specifically, I'll come back and find that the computer is sitting at the login screen. My user is still logged in and all of my apps are running, etc. but I have to log in. I have not set auto-log-out in the Security pref pane (it's […]

Carey and I received a notice for a $161 street lighting assessment. I've never heard of such a thing. Sure, I like having street lights, but how is that not included in property taxes? Houses tend to sit on streets. It's not like we're out in the township somewhere. We've got sidewalks and everything. 😛 […]


wan·ton adj. Immoral or unchaste; lewd. Gratuitously cruel; merciless. Marked by unprovoked, gratuitous maliciousness; capricious and unjust: wanton destruction. Unrestrainedly excessive: wanton extravagance; wanton depletion of oil reserves. Luxuriant; overabundant: wanton tresses. Frolicsome; playful. Undisciplined; spoiled. Obsolete. Rebellious; refractory. Duh.

Inside the Ropes

It's soooooooo nice to watch a golf tournament from inside the ropes. Today was a long day, however: up at 5, out the door by 5:30, and just now got home. My bed awaits.