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Archive for August, 2010

Apple to Buy Netflix?

Hacking Netflix thinks so. I, however, do not.

I'm looking for a Rails developer who will have some free time this winter for project I'd call moderate in size. The project will involve the modification of an existing Rails application into a more feature-filled version of the application. Some level of experience with design is considered a plus. If you are available, or […]

Netflix Streaming Video App

You know what I'd like? A Netflix streaming video app. Version 1.0 might be nothing more than a WebKit view that automatically takes you to your streaming queue and resizes the window a bit or employs some CSS tricks to play with the positioning so that you get mostly video playback in your viewer window. […]

Thanks to people here and elsewhere upgrading by using me as their referrer, I've gone up from 2 GB of free storage to 6.2 GB of free storage. I'm currently using about 70% of the 6.2 GB I get for free ((1.5 GB or so are a collection of videos I've downloaded or recorded for […]

Copy Mod Date to Created Date

I recently had an application wipe the creation date from about 2000 files, but leave the modification date intact. I was able to create a quickie AppleScript that relies on SetFile and GetFileInfo, a pair of CLI tools installed with the Developer Tools. It's mostly here for my own use later on. I find myself […]

Summer 2010

Lest it go unsaid, this summer has been the exact opposite of last year: it's warm, dry, and fairly quiet as far as wind goes. Last year was cold, rainy, and windy. This year, every day is a golf day, and the biggest problem is simply that everyone realizes it and you can't get a […]

Reply-To Lies

Let me just say - I hate hate hate when the "From" name does not match the "reply-to" address in an email. For example, a friend of mine named "Bob" posts to a blog to which I've subscribed to the comments, or a forum. I get an email that says "from: Bob" and I reply […]

BBEdit vs. TextMate

I've never gotten into TextMate. In Xcode I use the editor included there and all other times, use BBEdit. TextMate 2.0 is still not here while BBEdit has been updated a few times since 2.0 was first talked about, so I'm wondering if people are still as crazy for TextMate or if, due to the […]

Sphere Turning Inside Out

You know, as interesting as things like this are, I really wonder if there's any actual practical application for this. I like math, and I think it's great… but I think I like applied math a lot more than the theoretical, and I'm not sure if this has too many actual applications.

Kerry Loses, Penguins Win

I've just read this nice piece on David Morehouse, the new CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yet another reason to be glad that Kerry lost that election. 🙂

In bash… for item in *; do zip -m "${item}.zip" "${item}"; done

Back to School in 2010

The summer is just about to come to an end and the wife and kid will soon be going back to school. I can't say I'm over the moon about it, but it's not the worst thing to happen, either. 🙂

Some New Courses at DSLRU

I really recommend you check out one or both… And spread the word. If you'd like to publish an article for sale (or free!) on DSLRU, we'd be happy to talk to you about it! Using Beauty Dishes While light modifiers like umbrella lights produce a soft light that can make anyone look good, […]

TST on Huddler

The Sand Trap's golf forum is likely going to be switching to Huddler by about the end of the year. Huddler is a "community" software package that's grown up quite a bit in the past year. It's a forum at its core, but it layers on a few more things like products pages and user […]

Catching Up

I'm once again catching up on blog posts. I've got 2/3 of them written - I just have some holes I want to fill in as I go along.