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Archive for September, 2010

Cars I Might Buy in 2013

Our next car purchase is not slated for another three years, but I'm writing down some cars I like now so that I can get a bit of a head start. It'll also be interesting to see whether these cars even exist in three years or what changes they've undergone. In no particular order: Acura […]

In the past, any software I've written has either been freeware or required only a basic registration scheme - a serial number that was validated against not only the registered user's name and email address as well as a standard formatting pattern. Some of it's been pirated, but I didn't want to spend a lot […]

How many pages of applications are on your iPhone? How many folders do you have and how many apps are just hanging out on their own? I have only two pages. As you would read, I have (italics = folders): Calendar, Clock, Notes, Maps Calculator, Games, Entertainment, Compass Sports, Social, Photography, Settings Weather, WeatherBug, TWC, […]

I'm not in advertising, and I'm not going to pretend to understand whether this type of ploy works on women ((If it does, what does that say about women? Seriously, are they this… simple? Then again, look at a beer commercial. Do guys really think women in bikinis will come to them simply because they […]

Maintaining Your Rights

I read this article and the original article about a man maintaining his rights and refusing to divulge personal information. I took a similar stand when some U.S. Marshals showed up at my door in Florida because I had the same first name as a former resident of the apartment who was wanted for goodness […]

Chipotle Opens in a Month

Chipotle will open here in Erie in about a month. I've been to exactly one Chipotle in my lifetime - in Columbus, OH - and the experience was one I've remembered. My memories are that the burrito that I got was quite large, despite not caring for many vegetables or sauces. I prefer rice, beans, […]

Eagles Dragging Goats

I think I'd heard of this one spot where Golden Eagles drag goats off the mountain a long time ago, but I'd never seen video of it. Or maybe I did - when I was a kid, we watched this long series of nature videos narrated by David Attenborough. The videos came in "an attractive […]



iTunes Outdated Information

Notice that "Apps" in iTunes has x updates listed. Click "Check for Updates" in the "Apps" section of iTunes. You're taken to the iTunes store, and click "Get all updates" (or whatever it's called). You sign in. You get the dialog box above and need to revert to step 2. So friggin' annoying.

Dexter Season Five

So, the fifth season of Dexter kicks off in a bit, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to the inevitable bullcrap about dealing with Dexter's wife's death (her name escapes me at the moment). I like big plot twists like that, but I dread the inevitable drawn-out aftermath. And can anyone […]

I'm still behind on the blog, I know. I've just finished up the blog post I started on August 28th, so I've posted that along with several sequential ones after that. Scroll down to catch up on the posts. One of them includes a job offer for Rails developers, after all. 🙂

Stack and Tilt: Diagnosing the Exit

We recorded this video two days ago (5D Mark II, iMovie :-)). I've gotten the nickname "Terminator" based on my appearance in this video. In trying not to be a distraction, I became a bit of a distraction, I suppose. 🙂

Stack and Tilt: Hitting the Driver

We recorded this video yesterday (5D Mark II, iMovie :-)).

The "library" is boxed up in this storage/shipping crate. You can sign up to be notified of some things at At this time, the icon and that site are the only details we're releasing about this application. Credit to Adrian Kenny for this icon. We liked a crate icon he'd designed, and asked him […]

My iTunes Ping Link

Here's My iTunes Ping account (if you'd like to "follow" me). I promise - since I don't do much with new music or music in general - that I won't flood your screen with comments or purchases. 😉