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Exporting from Blogger

Soon I'll be helping someone who has a blogspot domain export their entries. I'll then import them into WordPress and set the guy up with his own domain name. I found these steps for exporting data from blogger, but I cannot walk this gentleman through these steps. He struggles with some of the more basic […]

WP Akismet at NSLog();

WordPress' Akismet plugin, well, I'll let it speak for itself: Akismet has caught 10,627 spam for you since you first installed it. I "first installed" WordPress here around Halloween.

4-Year Blogiversary

Today is my four-year "blogiversary." The very first post I made back in 2002 was called "I Hate Perl." I did then, and I still do now (well, I don't really hate it, I just prefer not to use it). That preference extends to my blogging tool as well. Back in 2002, I was using […]

Sticky Journal

Ask and ye shall receive: That took too long. I guess I could have made the fonts larger to use more space.

Photoblog Theme for WordPress?

I'm looking for a good WordPress theme for a photoblog. Does anyone have any suggestions? The theme should have support for comments, but the blog will contain little text. Mainly pictures and a few short notes on those pictures.

I've just installed the WordPress Organizer plugin and it's nice, but I wish it had two extra features. The first would be the addition of a "find abandoned files" function, which would locate all images or files that are no longer linked or used in any posts. The second would be the option to not […]

Trying Out Snap Previews

I'm trying out Snap Previews on this site. To see what they do, hover your mouse over a link. The previous one will do just fine. The Snap folks have a blog, too.

A day after complaining about the way WordPress handles "read more" links, I've cobbled together a plugin I've named "BetterWPReadMore." It's available from a modified "Plugins" tab at the top of every page. Also, BetterWPMail was bumped to version 0.11. Realistically, it should be at least version 0.2, but whatever.

WordPress uses a template tag function called the_content()1 to publish content. This function does little more than call another function, get_the_content()2. The get_the_content() function is responsible for, among other things, splitting up WordPress posts at the <!--more--> delimiter. It creates HTML that looks like this: <p>Last paragraph of main entry<br /><a href="http://permalink">ReadMoreText</a></p> The optional parameters […]

In its raw form, this site wouldn't validate. Why? Because I like the Safari-only "search" text box functionality: <input type="search" value="" name="s" id="s" size="15" placeholder="Search Here" autosave="" results="9" /&g; That one tag causes four errors in validation all by iteself: There is no "search" type. There is no attribute "placeholder." There is no attribute "autosave." […]

I'm having problems with WordPress. Specifically, the email notifications it sends out. Have a look. This all began when I started monkeying with my own plugin to replace two of WordPress' pluggable functions that send mail, though admittedly this was also at about the same time as the DNS began propagating and the new server […]


Slugger lets you use tags in your post to define the WordPress "slug" (which is used in the URL). As soon as I finish the podcast I'm editing, I'm going to have to try this out. I hope that the slug and tags are removed from the entry after the slug is created. I don't […]

Protected: Testing a Password-Protected Post

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I'm considering switching hosting companies. Interland's pricing - I have two VPS Root accounts - pales in comparison to, say, mediatemple's (dv)1 hosting plans. I know Judi is happy with mediatemple (I feel odd not capitalizing the "m" and the "t"), and their (dv) plans (see above. I'm looking to move for a few reasons: […]

The Danger of 404s with WordPress

Since converting this blog to WordPress about a week ago, I've had problems with the site. Since the MT->WP upgrade took place shortly1 after upgrading the server's software components (PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache, etc.), I thought perhaps something had gone wrong in the process. The problems? MySQL would spike to 25% or higher. Server loads […]