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Behind Again

I'm behind again on blogging. I have about 75% of the days filled with stubs right now, some half written, some more. I'll get to them eventually. 🙂

People are REALLY Dumb

I take back my post yesterday. They're REALLY dumb.

Aha! I've finally figured out why MarsEdit will sometimes post something as "today" when I change the date to a few days ago. Here are the steps: cmd-opt-L ((No shift - capital "L" shown only so it doesn't look like I or |.)) Tab, type the number "3" (changing "8" to "3" for the date) […]

Comments? Always On

I find the mental masturbation over commenting lately boring. Comments are on here because I often ask questions and people answer. Sometimes people make corrections or suggestions. Sometimes they tell me a funny story, or contribute to the topic, or an old friend will get in touch after I haven't talked to them in awhile. […]

WordPress 3.3


Happy Blogiversary

Today marks the start of my tenth year of blogging. Since this post I've lost a dog and one awesome friend, but gained a daughter, a wife, and two good friends. I've moved twice and purchased one home. I've lost two girlfriends that struck me as potential marriage material but re-gained an old friend that […]

Analyzr Pro 1.3 Sneak Peek

Analyzr Pro is coming along well, and this video shows a nice update that's right around the corner:

Smileys: :-) or :) ???


Site Banners

No. I haven't updated the site's banners in YEARS. Might be a few more years until I do. The entire site's design could stand to be changed, but, well, it works just fine. 😀

Catching Up

I'm going to catch up on my blog posts. It won't be pretty - I foresee lots of YouTube videos - but after that I'm going to "make myself" write something daily, even if it's all Doogie Howser-like (just before bedtime). Apologies for the blast the feeds of my two remaining subscribers will get. 😉

Anti-Spam Tools for phpBB

I've recently helped a friend set up a phpBB forum, and we're wondering if there's one really good anti-spam tool available for phpBB. I've used and am familiar with a few of the vBulletin ones, and Akismet does a pretty good job, but I'm not sure what's available for phpBB. Any recommendations?

Home Security Equipment

So what's that link right over here? ---------------> Someone offered me $210 to put it there for six months. I wrote the HTML, it's just a link with no JavaScript, and I can only assume they're paying to use some PageRank. I've gotten offers like this in the past but when I responded to the […]

Huddler Transition Next Week

The Sand Trap .com is switching to the Huddler platform next week. Wednesday is our target date. I expect that the road will be bumpy. There are a LOT of things I don't like about the forum software they've got, BUT they're willing to listen and my odds of getting a feature through are about […]

All Caught Up

I'm all caught up now. If you're interested in golf in particular, scroll back through the past month or so of backdated posts. There are a few non-golf related posts thrown in there as well, so scroll back through those too if you'd like.

Catching Up by the End of October

If I can't catch up on my old blog entries by the end of October, I'm going to abolish my promise of writing a blog post at least daily and will just update this blog - in a timely fashion - when something is relevant. Or maybe I'll just post a bunch of YouTube videos. […]