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I'm still behind on the blog, I know. I've just finished up the blog post I started on August 28th, so I've posted that along with several sequential ones after that. Scroll down to catch up on the posts. One of them includes a job offer for Rails developers, after all. 🙂

TST on Huddler

The Sand Trap's golf forum is likely going to be switching to Huddler by about the end of the year. Huddler is a "community" software package that's grown up quite a bit in the past year. It's a forum at its core, but it layers on a few more things like products pages and user […]

Catching Up

I'm once again catching up on blog posts. I've got 2/3 of them written - I just have some holes I want to fill in as I go along.

WordPress 3.0

Installed. For a major version upgrade, things (the UI, the functionality, etc.) remained surprisingly consistent. A lot of back end tweaks.

I've gotten a few IMs from people who are kind enough to point out that my blog posts here are a month or so behind and that I should check my server settings or something. Unfortunately, they're not behind. I mean, they are, but the server settings are fine. I've just been so busy that […]

Falling Behind

So lately I've been falling behind on the blog. I still write something nearly every day, but most days they amount to something like this: "BK ND / Other students" Yeah, that's what I had for nearly two weeks for yesterday's post. Not that anyone cares (hi), I've vowed to catch up. I will catch […]

Trash Picking


I redid the Golf Evolution site for the second time in as many months just now because I wanted to install WordPress and use it for content. There are still a few pages which rely on a straight up PHP file - the newsletter and the contact us page (because there are no real good […]

Buying a Tablet on January 27th?

{democracy:65} Heh. I asked on November 10, 2009 if anyone still cared about the Apple tablet: Does anyone still truly care about an Apple Tablet? Either it'll be an underpowered computer running Mac OS X or it'll be an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch running mobile OS X, right? Originally I thought it might be […]

2008 and 2009 Blog Stats

As I did for 2006 and 2007 (but not in 2008, it seems), here are the results of my 2009 blogging. 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Posts 379 403 493 560 940 993 1335 68 Avg. Length 891 1047 994 925 824 1023 1195 […]

I'm updating the blog's design at The Sand Trap today and I've narrowed my choice for the "bones" of the site to two themes: Publication and Marketplace. I think I like Publication more, but the pros and cons put them both pretty close to each other. Publication Pros - Like the postdata - Like the […]

I have a few headers that rotate on this blog, but on a few days with known dates (Thanksgiving doesn't qualify, but Halloween, my birthday, and Christmas do) I put in a special banner that lasts all day. Simple bit of code, really: switch(date('md')) { case '0101': return '_newyear'; break; case '0323': return '_birthday'; break; […]

Some Blog Stats

As I recently pointed out, I started this blog over seven years ago and have made a post every day. The vast majority are about technology, computing, and photography - geek stuff. A few are about golf or whatnot. The blog has 5,139 posts, 16 categories, 7 pages, and 27,530 comments. I've had Akismet running […]

Blog Anniversary #7

Today my blog is seven years old. Yeesh! I've posted every day for seven years. I have no plans to stop. I'm also looking forward to the return of some content that's been missing for awhile.

WordPress Security

John Gruber thinks it stinks. Another John says "don't blame the victim." I think John Gruber goes a bit over-board in dissing WordPress. I don't know why, but he seems to have an axe to grind with WordPress. It came off that way to me just as it came off that way to many others. […]