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WP-Grins and WordPress 2.8

WordPress 2.8 doesn't get along nicely with WP-Grins. I've asked Alex to release a minor update that addresses this, but he's not seen fit to give it a few minutes. 😉 So here's one "fix": Edit the file /wp-admin/css/colors-fresh.css to add this at the end: #wp_grins { display: none; } Voilà! It works.

HBO or Showtime

Do you have HBO or Showtime? HBO Showtime Neither Both View Results Email Admin?

Does anyone know how I might resolve this issue? Perhaps they know the email address of a administrator or something? My attempts to reach Yahoo via some standard email addresses (like admin@) have failed. Virtually every user who signs up for an account at The Sand Trap's golf forum with an address fails […]

Sidebar Widgets

Sidebar widgets are finally somewhat useful in WordPress 2.8, so I'm thinking of converting my sidebar into, errr, widgetizing my sidebar. Currently the sidebar's a "sidebar.php" file which includes about 20 <? include(''); ?>. I comment the ones out that I don't want, and the rest show up. It's pretty simple, but it's kind of […] I know he's planning to get back into the swing of things, but I'm just hoping this teeny tiny little mention may help encourage that. I enjoy both.

Browser of Choice?

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For some reason, some - but not all - of the comments in this blog's feed are set to 1969. What's up with that? I haven't seen anyone else complaining about this issue. Update: When I de-activate this plugin, the problem goes away. Kind of makes sense. I'll contact the plugin author.

WordPress 2.8 Upgrade

Went flawlessly. I think. Knock on wood and all that. And this bug from WordPress 2.1.2 is fixed, eliminating the need for this plugin. The way widgets have gone, I really should look at re-doing the sidebar on this blog to use widgets. They'd all be of my own creation, but the benefits at this […]

WordPress DST Bug Fixed?

Could it be? Yes, after more than two years, it seems so!

Daily Blogging

It's admittedly tougher with a family. I no longer spend my work time and my free time on the computer, and "free time" was when I'd get a lot of blogging done. Additionally I don't do quite as much work that I can publicize or talk about, and I'm not quite as heavily involved in […]

I've yet to begin the search (I'll be doing so shortly), but I thought I'd throw it out there… I'm setting up a blog for a small group and they need a calendar feature that lets them easily add a calendar to their WordPress blog. By "calendar" I mean one capable of displaying events and […]

Even My Blog is ISTP

I wrote about how I'm ISTP (based on a VERY short test) back in 2003, and when I run through Typealizer, it comes back ISTP as well: The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer […]

V Day

When you're with someone, do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Yes No View Results Carey and I don't. We both think it's an over-sensationalized, over-commercialized holiday. We don't think you should need a calendar to remind you to love someone1 We do things with/for the kiddo, though. That's different, somehow. And no, I'm not saying that […]

Changed the Favicon

I've changed this site's favicon. It's no longer the old FSS orange: it's now the Rivet icon which I've appropriated for a few other places, too: my Twitter icon, my chat bubbles (in comments here), and a few other forums.

Subscribe to Comments (Again)

It's good to see that users are getting the excellent "Subscribe to Comments" plugin. I think comment reply notification is one of the most critical things you can add to a blog. Sure, people can check back to see more comments or, on some systems, subscribe to that post's comment feed, but both of […]