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ClickToFlash Dead?

Is ClickToFlash dead? Where are the updates? I know there are a few later betas to be found in the forum, but momentum for the main page of the site has completely halted lately. 1.6b9 has issues. 1.5.5 isn't great either. C'mon, Wolf (et al). 🙂


AirPortLocation is a pretty nifty utility that can change a lot of preference settings depending on your physical location. I'm using it because at home my MacBook Pro uses a pre-determined IP address while at the Golf Evolution studio I use whatever DHCP address the Verizon MiFi assigns to my computer. I'll also use it […]


Somehow, my /System/Library/Extensions folder has grown to 214 items. Just curious - how many do you have on your computer? How in the world do I know if I need to load all of these? Can you clean some out? Why would you need or want to? FWIW, /Library/Extensions is empty. Again, how many do […]

Off the FileMaker Train

Today I'm off the Filemaker train. The only thing for which I've used FileMaker in the past decade has been to archive some email. I have email dating back to 1996 in FileMaker databases. Do you know how often I've looked at the emails? Never. Monday to Friday I open a single FileMaker database and […]

Anyone out there use DiskWarrior for preventative maintenance or simple optimization? Disk Utility just found some errors in my boot volume that will necessitate a restart (and likely Firewire disk mode simply so I can run Disk Utility repair on the other volumes too), so I'll probably also run DiskWarrior when that's done just to […]

10.6.3 and AppleScript Error

Still not fixed. I'm afraid to try the Spaces bug, but I have a hunch that's still broken too. Update: Nope, not fixed. Booo. Update #2: These bugs.

Turning Off Entourage’s Sync

I'm turning off Entourage's sync capability with the Mac OS X Address Book. All too often it screws up the order of fields, the names of fields, or the actual existence of data in those fields. For example, for a number of months I've had a heck of a time getting one phone number to […]

Massive Log Files

Carey's computer, her Mac Pro - which is never on overnight - stopped working earlier today. When I say "stopped working," I mean the thing ground to a halt and she couldn't save files or do much of anything else. When I managed to free 200 MB of disk space, you could literally watch the […]

ClickToFlash Behaving Oddly

I've disabled ClickToFlash because it's been behaving oddly lately (and development seems to have come to a standstill). I'll often attempt to display a YouTube video, and a movie file will download. Whitelisting sites doesn't always work, and sometimes I spend five minutes just trying to get a flash movie to play in Flash instead […]

Login Items that Don’t Stick

Why on earth won't some login items "stick" when I set them? For a few months, things were working really well, but I wasn't adding or removing any items from the list during that time. Since adding ClipMenu a few months ago, it's failed to launch every time I reboot my Mac. Which is, fortunately, […]

Sick of Spaces/Keyboard Bug

Yesterday and today, for some reason, have been horrible days for my computer regarding the Spaces/keyboard-go-bye-bye bug. Virtually every time I switch spaces I have to quit my Dock. I've quit TypeIt4Me, too - it's not that. I can reproduce the bug when TypeIt4Me is not running. Plus, version 5 is an application instead of […]

Photoshop Transparency Failure

I have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. I have the latest version of Mac OS X. And yet I can't copy and paste an image with transparency into Photoshop. I often come across this problem after I "copy image" from Safari or when I hold down the control key when taking a screenshot to […]

Are You Buying an iPad?

{democracy:66} The only reason the last choice even exists is so that I could choose it. 😛 You see, I hadn't planned to buy an iPad because, frankly, I had absolutely no need for it. None. I'm quite content to use my iPhone, laptop, and desktop and don't feel inconvenienced or put out in doing […]

Adobe Reader – Bye Bye

I launched Adobe Photoshop and was told - for the umpteenth time in the past few weeks - that Adobe Updater wanted to update Adobe Reader. Instead, I deleted everything with "adobe" and "reader" in the filename. Let's see what problems that causes…

Ten Years of Mac OS X

Can you believe it's been ten years? You look at screenshots of Mac OS X Public Beta (or earlier versions) and you think "Holy shit, that's ugly." But at the time it was a breath of fresh air. I jumped on Mac OS X as soon as I could. I ran developer previews. I got […]