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Can’t Drag in iTunes 9.0.2

I drag from my "Podcasts" playlist in iTunes to my "iTunes DJ" playlist fairly frequently. Today when trying to do that I noticed that iTunes was preventing me from dragging EVERYTHING on EVERY playlist. The drag doesn't even start. Dragging works in every other application. I can drag files from the Finder into iTunes. I […]

As you may recall, I've been struggling with a new wireless network setup. It seems to me that some people might appreciate the ability to: Force 802.11n mode. Force 5 GHz mode. Choose a base station to connect to. The second might effectively do the first if a base station's "Radio Mode" was set to […]


I'm giving MondoMouse a try. Unfortunately what I'd hoped to do - map my unused "Find" button on my Logitech MX Revolution to a complex sequence of keys - isn't possible because USB Overdrive doesn't seem to have the capability to press modifier keys without pressing, say, the "p" or "l" or other keys1. You […]

Yippee! This change alone will save me 4.3 years of work every 30 days! No exaggeration! 😀

Does anyone still truly care about an Apple Tablet? Either it'll be an underpowered computer running Mac OS X or it'll be an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch running mobile OS X, right? Originally I thought it might be nice to have one simply if it acted as a remote desktop screen. That'd still be […]

AppleEvents Bug Still in 10.6.2

This bug still exists in Mac OS X 10.6.2. I thought for sure they'd have fixed that one.

Safari AppleScript Broken

This is broken. It used to work. Script Editor complains about a missing value… tell application "Safari" set myJS to "self.moveTo(8,8);self.resizeTo(1100,1000);" repeat with thisWin in every document do JavaScript myJS in thisWin end repeat end tell Any ideas? This type of script comes in handy when a site resizes your browser window. I hate that…

QuickTime X Plugin

It's bad enough that the QuickTime X player is crap, but there's a work-around: use QuickTime Player 7 when you don't want to deal with QuickTime X. Unfortunately, on the Web, there's no such choice. You can't advance frame by frame, you can't control the volume, and there's a useless "rewind 30 seconds" button where […]

I wonder if Snow Leopard's propensity for "losing" USB devices is related to the AppleEvents bug I wrote about yesterday. It seems like it could be, right? P.S. Snow Leopard lost my keyboard twice today. Both were coincidentally after I had switched Spaces with a keyboard shortcut (ctrl-1, -2, -3). Yesterday it lost my mouse […]

AppleEvents Bug FFFF

Aha! This explains why some of my AppleScripts have said they have "timed out." Specifically, I have an AppleScript that scrapes a few forums and opens every thread to the first unread post. It's a simple script but it still sends 10 to 20 "open URL" AppleEvents every time I run it (along with AEs […]

I removed a few OSAX and several contextual menu items in Snow Leopard because they were either a) spewing messages in the console, or b) simply not working/loading. My list is: 24U Appearance OSAX.osax CopyPath.plugin dppCMPlugIn.plugin DropboxPlugin.plugin ParallelsCM.plugin Satimage.osax XML Tools.osax Renamer4Mac.plugin Parallels will likely update itself at some point in the future (or not […]

X-Ray QuickLook Folders

defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders 1 Genius!

USB Overdrive is now available in a Snow Leopard/64-bit version. Yippee! I'm waiting for a DVD to finish encoding before I restart. Compare this with CaddieSync, the application you need to use to synchronize your "SkyCaddie"1 - which still is not available for Snow Leopard. I emailed support and was basically told "Apple just released […]

Sheets and Snow Leopard

Yippee! I just noticed that this bug - a bug that affected sheets and Spaces in Mac OS X - appears to be fixed in Snow Leopard. The bug would result in your computer switching to any space in which a sheet appeared or disappeared. It most frequently annoyed me when I'd post via MarsEdit, […]

Snow Leopard Loses My Keyboard

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, my keyboard has been "lost" by my Mac Pro a few times. Suddenly keyboard input will simply cease to work - or at least all of the letter and number keys. The fix I've found is to hit ctrl-eject (which still works), click "sleep" with the mouse (which continues to […]