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Snow Leopard Loses My Keyboard

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, my keyboard has been "lost" by my Mac Pro a few times. Suddenly keyboard input will simply cease to work - or at least all of the letter and number keys. The fix I've found is to hit ctrl-eject (which still works), click "sleep" with the mouse (which continues to […]

A few days ago I wrote about a MobileMe Sync issue under Snow Leopard. Ever since trying to troubleshoot that issue - knock on wood - things have been operating smoothly here. I still have the Preference plist was NOT a dictionary stuff in my Console, but the syncs take far less time and don't […]

Window Minimization in Snow Leopard

{democracy:59} I've switched to minimizing into the application icon, but sometimes I wish the icon would badge itself with the number of minimized windows or in some way indicate that it's "holding" some of my windows. I don't feel as though I've gained much by switching, but it feels different, and sometimes a little change […]

8 GB RAM on the Way

I have the first Mac Pro (September 2006 purchase date) and currently have the memory arranged as such: A1: 1 GB A2: 1 GB B1: 1 GB B2: 1 GB A3: 512 MB A4: 512 MB B3: Empty B4: Empty I'll soon be receiving two 4 GB DIMMs and am trying to figure out how […]

What Software Needs Updating for You?

My list: Schubert-It's PDF Plugin (Running Safari in 32-bit mode ain't gonna cut it, dude.) AppleJack (I rarely use it, but it's nice to have.) Cocktail (Again, rarely use it, but nice to have.) That's really about it. I certainly hope that all of the third-party Preference Panes I use are converted to run in […]

MobileMe Sync Issue

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, MobileMe syncs take a really, really, really long time. 95% of the time I'd check it would be syncing the preferences. I reset my prefs, having this computer over-write the cloud for just the preferences, and Console tells me this about 10 or 12 times: 9/1/09 2:37:57 pm PreferenceSyncClient[6047] Preference […]

For several years I've run psync to clone my drive, each night, to a bootable backup: /usr/local/bin/psync -d -q / /Volumes/Backup I ran into some problems compiling psync on Intel Macs initially, but then things went well. Now I'm having trouble building MacOSX::File on Snow Leopard. The end of the process (whether I just install […]

Hold down the option key: Incidentally, this is the first time I noticed that screenshots aren't named "Picture 1" in Snow Leopard.

Upgrading to Snow Leopard?


Stacks and Labels

Why on earth can't stacks show labels? Oftentimes I'll put a folder of TV shows down in the dock. Or movies. I'll click and want to watch one I've not already watched. The way I differentiate them? Green label = watched it. And yeah, I've filed the request. Marked as a duplicate, of course.

Google Safe Browsing Unavailable

Lotta good this has been doing us all lately:

BusyCal Public Beta

BusyCal is now available in a public beta, and I'm giving it a try. I plan to check out the videos at some point too, but for $20 or $30 ((I have three computers, but one is my laptop, and I rarely use it for much, so iCal syncing via MobileMe should be fine. If […]

Describe Your Terminal Usage

I'm curious how other people use the Terminal. Do you keep a few windows open constantly? Do you open it as needed? Is it light-text-on-dark-background? Translucent? What size? I open a new Terminal window when I need it. The app's always running. My default window is black translucent (I call it "smoke") at 128 x […]

Soundtrack Pro 3 Changes

Prior to today I'd been using Soundtrack Pro 1.1 for my podcast editing. Today, in a first run-through, I noticed several things which I found annoying about 3.0. First, every file was for some reason saved as a six-channel file. This was a pain until I figured out that I could delete four channels. I […]

So, for some reason, Soundtrack Pro has decided to crap itself. Every time I click on a track, it crashes. 100% of the time. I turned off the "sync with hardware" checkbox, I've trashed the prefs, I've even re-installed. I was going to upgrade ((I have "Final Cut Pro 5.1 Studio", so I'm eligible for […]