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WWDC + Rendezvous + Safari

I saw this today and I immediately began trying to think of the page or files that I'd like to serve up at WWDC. I think a general "who am I" résumé should suffice: I could link to Cocoa Dev Central and Freshly Squeezed Software and this site. I could put a picture there so […]

The One that Bugs Me Most

This one bugs me most: The % of computers sold per year does not equal the market share for use of that computer. If Macs last twice as long, on average, as PCs, the numbers are off by a factor of 2. This Robert Scoble guy is supposed to be smart in some way? Today […]

My PowerMate

I got a $50 Apple Store gift card recently, and I bought a 5-pack of DVDs (still a few West Wings to go, and a new one every week) and a Griffin Technology PowerMate. I didn't see the use for it, but so many people said "it works great, try it" that I took the […]


I have named my new 12" PowerBook "Yow." It's a play on the Yao (Ming/Verne Troyer) commercial, and also indicative of my reaction when I saw the MWSF keynote address. My desktop remains "Gaia" (my world is on the thing - and the backup is "Monde" - French for the same thing, roughly). My external […]

Outperforming Current Intel Stuff

Says the Microsoft Slut Robert Scoble: Well, I've had some sneaks behind the scenes (not official ones, though). Apple has some cool stuff coming this year to be sure -- including some desktop machines that are outperforming current Intel stuff. Incidentally, I only call him a slut because he never seems capable of saying anything […]

Me, Google, and Blogging

They say Google lives on fresh links, and I guess you could say I've been linked to a few times lately. But here's a resulting curiosity: Google on "metal mac os x hig" and the first result (or two, depending on how you count) is this very site. Y'know, content that was published all of […]

Two Safari Issues

Two Safari issues that have come to mind lately: When I hit reload, the page that I'm staring at should be reloaded, not a URL that may have auto-completed from some random keystrokes in my location bar. This bug drives me mad sometimes! The service "shift-cmd-L" to "Open URL in Safari" should attempt to work […]

Fun with CSS: Link ToolTips

Nice titles is a nifty little "trick" to override the tooltips you sometimes see in browsers with "title" attributes. Thanks to Brad Lauster I've got them (kinda) working in Safari. David Hyatt indicates that they will work in Safari shortly as found at Brad Choate's site. I originally became interested from inluminent, which links to […]

Chimera Now Camino?

Chimera is going to be renamed "Camino"? It is so (preliminally anyway), according to Mike Pinkerton.

Safari to 47%: No says Andreessen

Says Marc Andreessen in a Wired interview: Andreeseen: I think it's so funny that Apple comes out with a new browser in 2003. Where were you guys six years ago? I wish them the best, but it's not as if you're about to see Safari go from 0 percent market share to 47 percent. I […]

AppleScript Issue: 10.2.4 No Help

10.2.4 didn't fix my AppleScript issue: an empty list is returned from this: property logsFolder : "Gaia:Users:iacas:Library:Application Support:Adium:Users:iacas:Logs:" set cutoffDate to ( (current date) - (60 * days) ) tell application "Finder" delete (files of folder logsFolder whose modification date < cutoffDate) end tell

Apple UI “Experimentation”

A brief retort to the ramblings of Vinay, Matt, and myself was published yesterday (TrackBacks rock). The author seems to feel that "experimentation" is good. I agree! However, the "experimentation" umbrella really can't logically cover the following cases: The start/end Ken Burns radio buttons in iMovie The metal buttons in iChat The use of TIFFs […]

My PowerBook Shipped

Yay! About two weeks instead of the "2-4" listed. Yay! I think everything I've ever ordered from Apple that's come through Taiwan has been "received after FedEx cutoff time." Hrm. But my last PowerBook actually arrived before it was shipped due to the date line. I paid for 2-day: guess I'll get it Monday? Arrived […]

Mac UI Round-Up: OSNews

Given that OSNews is now linking to some mini-rants by Vinay, Matt, and myself, I thought I'd pull them all (the ones I find anyway, to this point) into one post. My posts, anyway - hit the trackbacks and links in the articles themselves to find most or all of Matt's and Vinay's. "You Can't […]

Safari Updates

Safari was updated today, and while it contains a lot of fixes and features (like being able to drag and drop text, a longer than 30-second timeout [I think]), support for XML and 96 dpi stuff [it seems]), perhaps one of the best features is that it now tiles properly. New windows are opened in […]