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Organs from an Inmate

I read this article about Christian Longo in Esquire. Naturally, I was struck by the gruesomeness of his crimes and can't begin to imagine how someone can be so screwed up in the head, but I was also struck by his new mission. The GAVE project seeks to change the way in which we kill […]

Erie (where I live) just enacted a cell phone ban that requires handsfree operation (or no operation) of cell phones while driving. It's a secondary offense, meaning that a cop can't pull you over just for the use of a cell phone while driving, but I imagine that if they want to make an example […]

Did Obama Lie?

Where are those public, televised healthcare negotiations Obama promised? I didn't vote for Obama. I voted for John McCain, though primarily for the same reasons that I voted for Bush the second time - because I disliked the other guy more. I resented the outright smugness that some (most?) Obama supporters exhibited. The guy's turned […]

Cinnamon Toasted Almonds

They sell for five or six bucks at medieval fairs and lots of other places - yet they cost very little to make at home. Carey and the kiddo made this recipe today and it was mmmm mmmm good.

I'd never heard of this McConnell before, but this sounds about right: And here's the most outrageous part: at the end of this rush, they want us to vote on a bill that no one outside the Majority Leader's conference room has even seen. That's right. The final bill we'll vote on isn't even the […]

Hermit Crabs

In the next few weeks, we're going to pick up some hermit crabs as a little pet for our house. Does anyone have any tips, advice, info, or anything else to share? It'll be our first experience, and we've done a lot of research (mostly Carey has), but personal tales always add a little bit […]


I'm happy to report that this year, we have no leftovers. Well, just some mashed potatoes and some pies. Mmmmmmm.

Don’t Talk to the Police

This came up in reference to Tiger Woods' car accident, and I found it interesting:

Thanksgiving 2K9

Happy Turkey Day! I celebrated by… not eating any turkey. 😛 Stuffed chicken breasts, hrmph. Oh well, my favorite part of Thanksgiving (food-wise, anyway) is the mashed potatoes. And the pies. We drank the large bottle of Pink Catawba wine from Ferrante's - it was good. I had half a glass.

It's simply gone too far. Like affirmative action - great intent, horrible in practice if it prevents a company from being able to hire the most qualified individual.

Doortags and Being Home

Found another doortag from FedEx on my door just now… It's marked 2:23pm. I've been home since 8:30am. They don't ring the doorbell - they walk up to the door with a tag that's been pre-filled and stick it on, then walk away. What I don't get is this: they're going to have to deliver […]

Of the first 50 of 100 things on this list, I particularly like the following1: 7. Do not announce your name. No jokes, no flirting, no cuteness. 8. Do not interrupt a conversation. For any reason. Especially not to recite specials. Wait for the right moment. 10. Do not inject your personal favorites when explaining […]

Obama’s Golf Schedule

I read the other day that Obama has played as much golf in eight months in office as George W. Bush played in eight years. Remember how Bush was forced to give up the game by the media because there was a war going on and it looked silly to play "so much" golf? And […]

So five years ago I wrote a very short post at The Sand Trap detailing an interaction I had with an online retailer. It's here. Go ahead and read a few of the comments. I'll wait. Note how the guy was sued by the Illinois Attorney General late in 2007. The guy recently discovered this […]

Bad grammar and spelling on the Internet. I've called it a pet peeve. I've called it an occupational hazard. I can't and likely never will really "get over" it, but I do know that pointing out bad grammar and/or spelling to the author almost never results in a positive outcome. That said, I like the […]