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Man of the Year

I just finished watching Man of the Year, and despite a promising start, the movie gets unusually serious. What was a funny movie, a mockery of modern-day politics, turns into a boring movie as soon as "Dobbs" is elected President. Lame. My NetFlix movie queue is getting short. Can anyone recommend some good movies I'm […]

Happy 80th, Grandma!

My grandma turns 80 today. I'll have pictures later on, but for now: happy birthday, Grandma!

Spring is Finally Here

Unfortunately, my golf game has yet to arrive. 🙂

Need a Columnist

If you're into two things - golf and numbers - I'm in need of a new columnist at The Sand Trap to fulfill the Numbers Game position. Contact me in some way to see if the column is for you.

From a friend's AIM away status: Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know -- Ernest Hemingway

I found this critique of Dan Brown's writing awfully amusing. Among the gems: Brown's writing is not just bad; it is staggeringly, clumsily, thoughtlessly, almost ingeniously bad. In some passages scarcely a word or phrase seems to have been carefully selected or compared with alternatives. I read The Da Vinci Code. In about a day […]

Zach Johnson wins the 71st Masters. I spent my day live blogging the proceedings here. Sorry Tiger, there will be no slam for you.

NetFlix Queues

A NetFlix movie arrived today - "Stranger than Fiction." It's the same movie I received yesterday from NetFlix. One would think NetFlix would warn you or simply skip over an item in someone's queue if it's still checked out at the same address. Carey and I maintain our separate queues in the same account (she […]

SlingShot 300 AW

If anyone wants to get me a birthday present… one of these would be nice. 🙂 Otherwise, I'll probably get one in two weeks when Dodd Camera in Cleveland gets them in. I had intended to get a Sidney Crosby home jersey, but again, they were simply unavailable at the Penguins game. Then on Sunday, […]


Simple question, simple answer: Do you twitter? Yes No View Results I don't. I think it's pointless and silly. I think the name itself mocks those who "twitter" away precious time better spent getting work done, hanging out with family, or simply relaxing. But hey, I've almost never even used my IM status to convey […]

My own comments on Steve Jobs and education are currently under lock and key. I thought the issue of Steve's comments was a dead one, but the hits just keep on coming. The latest response (that I've bothered to read) comes from a gentleman named Dale Hill, a "34 year retired educator with a Masters […]

My server correctly reports the time via the date command: [11:01am root@as:~] # date Mon Mar 12 11:01:17 EDT 2007 But this morning, a WordPress post I had set to publish at 10am did not publish until 11am. The server is set to "(GMT -05:00) EST/EDT." If I change it to EST only, date reports […]

Chicken and Waffles

I'm suddenly in the mood for some Chicken and Waffles. Too bad I'm, what, three full time zones away? My only experience with a Chicken and Waffles was in 2000 (I believe) when I was Editor of SegaWeb and I attended an E3 at the Staples Center in L.A. I had a full chicken and […]

I tried to name all 50 states in five minutes today. I got 12 in the first minute, 22 by the second, 30 by the third, 34 by the fourth, and 40 at five minutes. Go ahead and try the exercise yourself. Write them down in a text editor and put an extra carriage return […]

Bone Age

You can read more on bone age at Wikipedia, of course.