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I'm looking for a moderately high resolution image of a handicapped parking permit for a practical joke of sorts (nothing illegal, and the butt of the joke is not in any way handicapped people). Anyone seen one? A google images search is pretty useless.

The Coke can has been redesigned. I like the "new" old look, and agree with the comments here (also where the image comes from).

Want to Mow the Lawn

We desperately, desperately need some water. I've not mowed my lawn (because I don't believe in wasting water) in weeks. Except for a few thin and almost invisible strands and a few shaded areas, the lawn is a good height. It's just dormant and slightly brown.

Happy Birthday, America

You know, "231 years old" really doesn't seem like squat when you think about it. When I went to France, the thing that most impressed me was how old things are. Americans go to see Monticello and think "wow, that's old, it's from 1784" (or whenever). Then they go to Europe and they see things […]

Jones Soda Green Apple

It's the shizzit!

Why, when you order steak - even if the waitress recognizes you as having been in several times before - must waiters/waitresses describe the way the meat will look after it's been cooked? Do people ever change their mind after hearing that medium-rare is a "warm, pink center" or that well-done is a "hot, brown […]

My family has always bought cars, used them until they've become "old" or "not worth it" anymore (about 8-10 years). Right now, with the 2005 Touareg and the 2001 Aztek, Carey and I are on an "eight-year plan" - get a new car every four years, use them for eight years, and trade them in. […]

Well, here you go!

Today, I went to my family doctor to see whether I had strep throat or something else. Turns out the doctor just believes I have laryngitis, which is fine. Gargle with salt, take some steroids, the usual. I've had a light cough when I wake up or lay down in bed for the past month. […]

Memorial Day 2K7

Came off without a hitch. I got in some golf at Whispering Woods. I vacuumed the house. We had a cookout. We burned some of the wood that's been piling up. And now we're relaxing inside. A very, very good day.

Rubik’s Cubes

Toys 'R' Us didn't have any Rubik's Cubes. After watching The Pursuit of Happyness last night1 and doing some reading about the methods of solving the puzzle, I'd like to get one. Are they available at Wal-Mart or Target? Or should I just buy online and pay S&H for a $7 toy? 😛 Specifically, the […]

Bike Racks

I'd like to get a bike rack for either the Touareg (preferred) or the Aztek (not as preferred, since we'll be getting rid of it first). We only need to hold two bikes - mine and Carey's. We're also not looking to take any big trips with the rack. We'll probably just go to Presque […]

Power Out Again

Power was out again today… for five hours. It's incredibly difficult to, you know, get work done from home when you have no power. Screw you, Penelec. 😛


When I was a kid, my mother forbid us from saying the word "fart." We had to say we "poofed" or we "stinkered." We also couldn't say anything "sucked," so we said it "zucked" after we saw the name of a road near the mall: Zuck Road.

Carey bought some Jones soda recently, the new "cane sugar" variety, and it simply reminded me of one of my favorite Jones drinks: the "Bada Bing" drink. It was cherry flavored with loganberry and milk, and it was really good. It appears that flavor is no longer available, and that makes me sad. A moment […]