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I went to see Catch Me If You Can recently, and sat through not only movie previews but actual commercials. Coca-Cola, some allergy medicine, the Army, and I forget what else got advertising space during the previews. I'm used to ads - I see them on Web sites, I see them in magazines, I see […]

One of the Best Already

The Pittsburgh Steelers today defeated the Cleveland Browns 36-33, their third three-point victory against the team from 132 miles northwest of them this season. That hardly gives you any indication what a great game this was. It was one of the best games I've ever seen. The Steelers were down by 12 with just over […]

OSU National Champs

OSU are the national champions in football. Great. I was rooting for them. When I was going to school in Ohio, of course, I rooted against them. But now I live an hour from Miami. I like the "status quo" team to lose so that I can rib everyone else. Is that wrong of me? […]

A Disorder For Everyone!

Quick, here's a trick. Grab some letters - three or four should do it - and try to make a disorder out of it. Then, claim that you've got it! Let's try "SAD". Hmm... "seasonal affective disorder" sounds good! So good, people might even buy it! Oh wait, they have already. I'm pretty sure that […]

Catch Me if You Can

Frank W. Abagnale, Jr. flew for Pan Am, was a practicing pediatrician in Georgia, a sociology professor at BYU, and an assistant state attorney in Louisiana for years, without graduating from high school. he was a con man, a check forger, and went by several names (Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, Robert Monjo, etc.). […]

Steelers In, Fins Not

The Pittsburgh Steelers continued onward into the playoffs with a victory against the Ravens today. What's perhaps even better is that the Dolphins loss to New England and the Jets win over the Packers, both Miami (near to where I currently live) and New England are out. Out out out! The Steelers will of course […]

Star Wars Folds

This site provides fun origami projects for Star Wars fans. To the right, of course, is a Tie Fighter. Am I the only person alive who thinks George Lucas should hire a screenwriter to beat him over the head, steal the Star Wars III script, and rewrite it? After witnessing the atrociousness that was Star […]

The Day After: XMas 2002

Well, it's the day after Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... not even Flint the wünderdög. I spent a decent amount of time hacking up MovableType yesterday. Listened to some music, putzed around. I'm trying to make the site look as good as possible without using any graphics. And screw […]

Christmas Physics

I'm listening to a book called "The Physics of Christmas" by Roger Highfield, and it's simply amazing the things which get consideration in this over-commercialized season. The book, having already covered the history of "Santa Claus" and his use in Coca Cola commercials, his effect in Denmark, and all sorts of other things, is currently […]

Merry Freakin’ Christmas

Merry Freakin' Christmas! It's 12:01am on December 25, 2002. Heck, in about a week it will be 2003! Ack! So what am I doing? Writing code. I spent entirely too long today trying to figure out how to get smileys to work in this darn blogging system ( 🙂 >:-o O:-) 😉 🙁 they work […]

No Segways on Our Sidewalks

This Register article talks about San Francisco's recent ban of Segways (the drastically overpriced scooter designed by a weird egomaniac) on city sidewalks and bike paths. The article also touches on "the average American" and describes them, in the words of various authors, as "fat." Guess what? The average American is overweight. We're a society […]

Purple Shoes

To the right you see the shoes I will be getting. They are replacing these shoes which are decidedly not "cobalt blue," but are instead quite purple. Gabe and I won't be rock climbing this Tuesday (Christmas Eve) or maybe even next Tuesday (New Year's Eve). Hopefully we'll work in another day in the meanwhile. […]

Snitches Win

Time's "Person of the Year" is actually three people this year: the whistleblowers at Enron, WorldCom, and the FBI. This time of year, if we're going to recognize whistleblowers as the Person of the Year, couldn't they be the ones we watch every Sunday? They've got more of an impact on my day to day […]

Put Me On It!

According to SlashDot, the FTC is considering new legislation that would create a national "do not call" list for telemarketers. The legislation would also require telemarketers to have caller ID enabled and to limit the "hangups" that predictive dialers generate. There are some loopholes for charities or businesses you've bought from (i.e. my car dealer […]

Some Accident!

Just a few days ago I finished listening to "Accidental Playboy" by Leif Ueland via iTunes (courtesy of It's a fairly interesting book written about one unassuming journalist's tale on the Playboy Millennium Search Bus. It's witty, amusing, and is a nice, light bit of non-fiction in the usual mix. Some parts were flat […]