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Benevolence at 7am

Good thing I'm awake at 7am normally because at exactly 7:15am this morning, the "Police Benevolence Society" or somesuch silly group called me soliciting funds. I've been called by nearly every law enforcement, fire fighting, and volunteer organization remotely connected with either of those in the past few months, and frankly, it's getting annoying. They […]

Fun with Chemistry

Why I became a chemist, lesson 1: explosions, pretty colors, and dry ice. This page lists some interesting chemical reactions, captured in moderately sized QuickTime movies. Well worth a few minutes of your time if you care at all to see chemistry in action.


I got a blender and a coffee maker today. I've already made smoothies with my industrial-strenght blender. Mmmm, piña colada. Jamie has a recipe for strawberry/banana that she'll hopefully demonstrate some day. I like those flavors. Of course, I'll use it for some more "manly" drinks too, like tequila sunrises. Y'know, when all the friends […]

Kingpins of the Hill

I am determined to remain fairly non-political, so I make no testament to the veracity of this. I just find it amusing for a few seconds. From Jamie's mom: can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:

I'm watching this week's American Idol nearly a day late. Before I begin I'd like to point out that even David Hyatt likes Clay! Go Clay. 🙂 Ryan egging on the audience to boo? Childish. The shots of Randy? Classic good stuff. Funny funny funny. Oh well. Guest starring this week? Gladys Knight - good […]

Pierre, On; Charles, Off

I agree with Pierre and not with Charles. I never read AppleLust, and thanks to Charles Moore, I won't. Those two pages will be the last I shall visit for the foreseeable future. Why? A cogent response is found here. I've said numerous times on this site that I'm fairly non-political or apolitical, and frankly, […]

Knight Takes No Pay

From 37 Signals I found a story about Bobby Knight turning down his $250,000 salary for failure to perform: "I'm just not at all satisfied with what transpired with our team in terms of our fundamental execution," Knight told The Dallas Morning News for its online edition." I don't think it's anybody's fault but mine. […]

Support the Troops

My friend Daria's finished putting together a Web site at the request of a client: I Support Our Troops .US is ready for your digital signature. If you want to link to them, do so using either of these badges. Whatever we may think about where our troops are sent, or what they are asked […]

Practicing For War

Seems some Iraqi soldiers are already practicing for war: The stunned Paras from 16 Air Assault Brigade were forced to tell the Iraqis they were not firing at them, and ordered them back to their home country telling them it was too early to surrender. Find more here. Yeah, short post, but I don't care […]

The Quiet American

Last Sunday I saw The Quiet American and Jeff saw it last night. It's a Michael Caine, Brendan Fraser movie based on a novel of the same name, written in 1956. A few things explode, but it's not an action film. There's a woman torn between two men, but it's not a romance. It's not […]

Christina Stripped

Christina Aguilera's Stripped CD has gotten a lot of playtime lately and she's taken a lot of flack lately for being, uhhh, shall we say more "out there" than other pop stars (Justin, Britney, Jessica, Mandy, Avril, Kelly, Norah, Alicia, etc.). Christina's first album and her song on Mulan showed the world that she could […]

I'm finally getting around to watching American Idol - Nick beat me to it. Let's see what I have to say, shall we? We shall, because as I mentioned earlier, this is my blog. The theme this week is MoTown. The "you chose the wrong song" thing at the beginning is setting the stage. The […]

The Bushies Disagree

Saw this article today and it points out that Bush Jr. and Sr. have different points of view. In an ominous warning for his son, Mr Bush Sr said that he would have been able to achieve nothing if he had jeopardised future relations by ignoring the UN. "The Madrid conference would never have happened […]

Fun with Saturation

Yesterday when I came home from some work I saw the tree near my apartment in bloom, and for once I thought to get my camera. I snapped the picture to the right (click for a slightly bigger version) and some other ones. Then I used PixelNhance (no longer available - did Apple hire these […]

$2 Bills

Apparently some people have never heard of a $2 (US) bill. After reading that story, I made up my mind to try to find a bunch of $2 bills with which to buy things so that I can keep track of the odd reactions I'm bound to get from people. My favorite piece: Guard: "So, […]